Title: dungeon
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dungeon.zip
Size: 72.49 KB
Date: 02/21/98
Author: gerard postma
E-mail: visserw@euronet.nl
Description: A Doom II Level
Base: 1 new level
Build time: about 3 hours
Editor(s) used: dck2.2
Bugs: none
Rating: (5 votes)
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Awesome level. Good atmosphere and plenty of surprises.x
I played itx
Very cool leveldesign! I like it, one of the better doom levels i.m.o.x
This is dated January 1996. It has a dull name, and it's a dull and generic level. It's almost uniformly green and the gameplay is unchallenging, especially as the secrets are very generous (there's a big cache near the beginning). There's a fight in an arena against a cyberdemon and the final room has a nice colour scheme, but it's forgettable.x

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