Title: Dungeon
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dungeona.zip
Size: 94.78 KB
Date: 04/13/07
Author: Konrad Bresin
Description: You are in England on a diplomatic relations trip. The conference is about what to do with old castles. Some of the politicians were looking at a castle when they found some thing strange. You (or your team)are sent in to investigate. There seems to be living beings in the castle. Research shows that many odd things have happened in the area since the middle ages. Stories of wizards, cinitars, and the living dead have been passed from generation to generation. Legend tells that they were captured and stored at a remote location. They were gathered and brought by nights hired by the nobility, who feared they would be lose power to the king. The maps that have been collected from other castles tell that the dungeon is were you are investigating. Do you have what it takes?
Base: New from scratch
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konrad i hate you so much i love youx
"built buy me for me but you can freely distribute the level, but please tell your friends Konrad made it". Sure, count on it. Konrad made this piece of crap of a 1994-ish dungeon level :-) 1/5 -Maes x

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