Title: The Enigma Episode v2.0
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/enigma.zip
Size: 1.29 MB
Date: 10/06/03
Author: Jim Flynn
Description: Clean those shotguns and grab your thinking caps DOOMers! Here's nine levels of hot and tasty DOOM II action. For an _extra_ challenge play each level alone starting with a pistol. For a blastin' good time play them as an episode. All support difficulty levels and contain co-op and deathmatch starts.

This is a revision of the original release. Bugs have been fixed everywhere and all levels are significantly changed, I hope you'll find them both more challenging and more fun than before.
Credits: Chief Entomologist: Peter Zahner Playtesters: Immo Holvan, Nora, John Keary, Matt Jonelis, Nik Spicer Morgana for suggesting Mandelbrot DOOM textures Dr Sleep (John Anderson) for general inspiration Antony Burden and Simon Oke for DETH 1.0-3.6 Brendon Wyber and Raphael Quinet for DEU-GCC Colin Reed for BSP1.2x Marc Rosseau for Zen 0.97 Olivier Montanuy for DeuTex 2.9-3.6 HevKev (Kevin McGrail) for the DeuTex Manual and solving a subtle bug with secrets 3 Jens Hykkelbjerg for RMB 2.1 Me - for STAT and STUCK :) Those folks at ID, for DOOM and DOOM II and ...
Base: New levels from scratch
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