Title: Doom:Enigma Demo
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/enigmademo.zip
Size: 383.51 KB
Date: 03/03/03
Author: MAP01 - Hyena MAP02 - Epyo MAP03 - Danarchy MAP04 - Ralphis Compilation - Nanami
Description: Check below for level information.
Credits: pritch, Bloodshedder
Base: Scratch.
Build time: Varies.
Editor(s) used: Varies.
Bugs: Untested levels, bugs may exist.
Rating: (13 votes)
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The reason it sucks is because Nanami piggybacked off of these maps that she had absolutely no part in creating and possibly did not have any permission to cut and paste them into a single wad file using XWE or wintex or some shit like that. However, I do find it interesting that most of the people involved with or without their knowledge in this shitty project later went on to make Mock 2.x
Surprisingly, contrary to the above reviews, these levels are extremely fun. Gameplay is simple, but interesting, and the levels look straight out of doom 2.x
I don't understand why people hate these levels so much. Sure they have silly names, but they play well, and were actually a bit fun to romp through. If people can't enjoy simple maps like these anymore, than I don't know what will happen to the Doom Community :/. 5 starsx
Please don't map againx
This is pretty disappointing :-( If the other levels are of this caliber, this project won't be something to look forward to... Still, it's only a demo and I hope these levels get revamped before the final release.x

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