Title: EPIC 2
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/epic2a.zip
Size: 157.29 KB
Date: 07/24/95
Author: Matt Williams
Description: EPIC2.WAD for DOOM2 is a sequel to the popular EPIC.WAD. Like the original, it was designed for single player mode. Nonetheless, all levels of difficulty, and all modes are supported. This release of EPIC2.WAD also includes the latest revision of the original EPIC.WAD. Enhancements to EPIC.WAD include better deathmatch and cooperative support, all levels of difficulty, more beasties, and more surprises. If you liked EPIC.WAD, then you'll want to download this just for the revisions, but you'll probably enjoy the sequel as well.
Credits: Beta Boys and Stolen Ideas: Danny Johns and Scott Appleton
EPIC.WAD Revision Suggestions: Adam Thrasher
Stupid Comments: Kyle Woodson
Never played DOOM2 Before: Lauren Sullivan
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: Time Sucks!
Editor(s) used: Waded 1.83, DMapEdit
Bugs: None that haven't been accounted for (you'll experience the mother of all HOM's if you clip to the "restricted" areas around the Mayan temple in EPIC2 - it's a very complex structure). If you don't clip, you won't see it, so don't clip! There's nothing out there but trees anyway. There are several lines in EPIC2 which I have purposely left off the map. This is for effect, and is intentional.
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Map01 suffers from a lot of 64-wide hallways and is quite boring. Map02 however is a lot of fun with some interesting ideas. As with many maps from this time, it actually looks cooler from the automap. Overall a worthwhile add to your WAD collection.x
I liked it - COOL - TimeOfDeathx

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