Title: Escape.WAD
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/escape1.zip
Size: 84.27 KB
Date: 06/04/99
Author: The Jolly ImpSlayer
Description: You watch as the rats fight each other over your latest meal of scraps, viciously battling for survival. You fought like that once.

Such a desperate battle was fought (and won) by you 12 years ago: when the UAC, nowadays the largest company in existence, experimented with interdimensional travel. An experiment that went wrong, sending you to hell and back before ridding earth of the evil invading force that had held it captive.

You watch as one of the rats slices throught the other's throat with it's teeth, before hobbling off with it's victory prize.


You acheived a victory over hell itself!


You look around the dank, almost gothic cell you have been thrown into. A cell that resides in the highest security wing of the deepest, darkest level of Romerack prison camp. Situated in the middle of nowhere, no-one has ever gotten past Romerack's brutal security measures.

Gurgling blood from it's mouth and throat, the wounded rat staggers up.....

It all happened when things had returned to normal, about nine years ago. The UAC was trying to pull itself together and rise from the rubble Hell had made of it. Then, unbelievably, they began experimenting again, claiming they "Knew what went wrong last time". The experiments were kept top secret by the UAC, and told only to a precious few.

( .....It NEEDS food........)

You were one of them.

(.....for the children it carries.......)

The moment you found out you became furious! Damned if they were going to try that again! You decided to make sure everyone was aware of what was going on.

( .......It can feel them dying.....)

So now you're here. A "security risk". You watch as the wounded rat struggles to return to it's hole, gurgles and dies. You watch closely, as a movement within the rat suggests it's corpse is going into labour......

You know it's going to happen again! You have to break out of here! You remember on your way in, of hearing mention of an underground waste system leading to the main medium security wing. You could escape from there for sure! It won't be easy, the prisoners will be shot if they don't try and stop you, the guards are fierce, and of course, the gates have been running for nine years......

Still, buck up marine, you've faced those odds before. For some reason, all prisoners have armaments, just the guards' little jokes. You see, no one escapes Romerack.....
Credits: Id software, naturally - Jason Hoffoss and Bruce.A.Benko for DMapEdit, Team TNT for the music utilities! Thanks also to every single member of the DooM community for everything!
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: About two days on and off
Editor(s) used: DMapEdit v4.2, Midi2Mus, Musput
Bugs: Not that I know of. A few misaligned textures.
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3 short maps that aren't bad if you can overlook the texture alignment. Make sure to find the RL secret on MAP01, it'll help get through some tight spots. ***x
^^ Pretty rough :(x
1994 called, they want their map back. 1/5x

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