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Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/esw2.zip
Size: 289.8 KB
Date: 05/07/95
Author: David Jander (ESW), Juan J. Sierralta Stefano Villanueva, Felipe Figueroa
Description: This PWAD is a good choice for those who finished DOOM 2 and just want some more of it. Go on, give it a shot !

Authors and their maps:

MAP03 Stefano Villanueva MAP08 Felipe Figueroa MAP09 Juanjo Sierralta the rest me :-)

Hint Don't give up looking for secrets... there are many ! (specially in MAP07) Hey man, come on, there is really no need to cheat ! Besides it is YOU who wants to have fun playing this, don't you ?

This is the first pwad we did, so we would apreciate some feedback, e-mail me if you liked this pwad (or if you didn't). More pwads will be done in future (including HERETIC) depending on your suggestions...
Credits: My brothers Manuel and Fabian for intensive Beta-testing, aswell as all the dudez around here....
Base: New level from scratch. (Waddaya expect ?)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WADED 1.42 and BSP2DO (my doom2 node builder)
Bugs: about 2 HOM's in MAP05, but if you find some more, let me know :-)
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2/5 Jander has some nice ideas; a certain blinking light in MAP02, the canyons in MAP05 and MAP07, but all of these maps feel underdetailed and usually overuse one particular texture. Of the other three mappers, I think Villanueva did the best, given the marble monument in MAP03. The others threw together some short boring maps. The worst offender is MAP10, 95% Former Human Troopers and 1% 3 Spider Masterminds (not to mention MAP04 isn't completable with its current layout). - KMX E XIIx
I liked it - I liked all the maps - a couple nice rocky areasx
As the last guy said. Map01-02 were good, with map02 being the better one. The rest were terrible. Ugly. And Map4 I think had some misplaced tectures with the outdoor buildings. 2/5 for the first two. Started okay, but ended poorly like many movies.x
Ten maps dated January 1995. I was expecting awfulness, and I wasn't disappointed. The odd thing is that Map01 is okay, especially for the period; it has some nice-looking shadows, and the gameplay is solid. The rest are ugly and unentertaining, although Map03 has a couple of clever tricks with false doors and lights. The rest is a few steps above total badness, but on this evidence the authors were never going to amount to much.x

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