Title: Eulogy 3
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/eulogy3.zip
Size: 51.21 KB
Date: 05/09/98
Author: Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)
Description: Well, I guess I'm making the Eulogy series. Hey, why not? You can mark my progress now. This one is probably the toughest one so far. Anyway, it's got a good amount of monsters on skill 4, which makes it fairly hard for the average Doomer. Ammo is also scarce at times. Skill 1 is very easy though.

Small Hint: To conserve ammo, you might want to think of alternate ways to kill the Spider Mastermind.
Credits: id Software(of course), and that's about it. ================================================================
Base: New level from scratch. New sky from scratch
Build time: I'd say it took 15 hours to finish(with all the experimenting and crashing it and I did).
Editor(s) used: WadED v1.83, NWT, and Warm v1.6
Bugs: This wad is certified Bug-Free(I hope)

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Cyb pulled his socks up after 1998 and started to produce some decent maps, check out his website @ http://doom.vect.org / 3/5 -jbx
I haven't played any of the others in the series. This is decent; there's a central arena with a spider mastermind, and some mazey bits around the edges. It's tricky on UV, and fun for a short while, but there isn't much substance for more than a few minutes' play. I assume you're supposed to telefrag the spider, but they die if you look at them, so it's hardly worth the trouble. The teleport lines are a bit iffy, and there are a couple of unmarked secrets.x

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