Title: EVIL
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/evil2.zip
Size: 61.47 KB
Date: 01/03/96
Author: Eric Dilks
Description: Just as the name says: EVIL The lighting really sets the mood in the level. All weapons are in here, you defenitely need them. All enemies are used except for Wolfenstien soldiers. Also, do to its size, this level takes at least 10 MINUTES to get through with NO CODES.
Credits: All the guys at ID Software. RaphaŽl Quinet and Brendon J Wyber for programming DEU2. Colin Reed for programming BSP 1.2x
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 2 ver 5.21, BSP ver 1.2x
Bugs: None that i know of. If anyone finds any, E-Mail me with a discription of it.
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