Title: Halls of Fairness
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/fair.zip
Size: 344.39 KB
Date: 12/28/95
Author: Harry S.
Description: These are eight brand-new levels for the hell on earth! Refer to the descriptions below.
Credits: ID software (makers of DOOM II) Herby (incredible assistance at recording some of the demos, constructive grumbling and beta testing) all makers of DOOM utilities all beta testers of FAIR.WAD
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU II (I know it's a hack but DEU 5.3 has not yet been released finally and is still full of bugs! Guys, what are you waiting for???!!!!!) BSP 1.2x (Fantastic, I like it so!!!!) RMB (for the REJECT map) MIDI2MUS 2.04 (nice tool for people who treasure MIDI as I do ;-) Painbrush (Title screen and level names) DeuTex 3.6 (Graphics import) Norton DiskEdit 6.0 (Demo patches)
Bugs: none (I would like to know if somebody finds one)
Rating: (2 votes)
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Orthogonal, maze-filled. Can see where the mapper got better as he went along, but there is no excuse for the ridiculous mazes and the abstract 2-sector squarey levels at the start. Last level was the actual challenge. ** ~consigx
Typical 95 maps with large areas all textured the same, mostly sensible door textures, an abundance of wapons/ammo and lots of mazes. Anyone should be able to sail through these with their eyes closed. Historical relic.x

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