Title: Fait Accompli
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/fait_acc.zip
Size: 46.55 KB
Date: 02/12/00
Author: Christian N. Hansen aka Dykanden
Description: I have tried to make a hellish and very "dark" level this time. I have mostly used the more gothic and obscure textures this time in order to achieve that hostile and evil environment. I originally wanted my Avind.wad to look like this level, however my expertise in level designing did not allow me this opportunity. So, as a goodbye to level desig- ning I have chosen to make a level much like the one I started out with as a sort of tribute. I personally feel that this level is one of the best.

One of the secrets are extremely hard to activate. I have never seen it done like this before, and IF you can trigger it.... well...you are good. And it does not count if you trigger it by coincidence.
Credits: Those weird brains at ID for Doom and its many successors. Matt Tagliaferri for a userfriendly yet strange level editor. The creators of Plutonia (they sure know their stuff! Wow!!) Kasper Tidemann, Denmark Wes Burd, USA
Base: New level from "scratch"
Build time: Ahh,.....30 hours.
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I you like classic doom maps, this plutonia styled one fits well. Atmospheric and mildly challenging. coldfusio. x
Not bad, not great. Note that this runs on MAP19 in Plutonia.x
Very nice map, good architecture, good gameplay. My compliments for the Archivels in the cages! I enjoyed this map very much. Thank you for your work!x
This is from January 2000. "Sandra Bullock is beautiful", says the author, but that was seven years ago. The level uses textures from The Plutonia Experiment. It's not bad; a small castle courtyard-style level, a bit cramped, with a decent amount of monsters, one clever secret. Ruined a bit by a final battle that's unfair unless you play it once already, and fiddly wall details that hold you up.x
poopy..... x
A good map.x

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