Title: Falcons Escape
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/falcon.zip
Size: 55.18 KB
Date: 02/15/98
Author: William Drummond
Description: What is this, you just landed your space craft and was about to relax when every thing goes black. You wake up in an empty building and a bruised ego. You have to get back to your ship, only problem, is that you don't know where that is. So you pick yourself up and find you still have a pistle on you, but that is it. Only the gods know what lays in wait for you outside the door.
Credits: ID software
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: About 20 hours
Editor(s) used: DMapEdit v4.0.14 (beta) - A map editor for Doom! by Copyright (C) 1994 Jason Hoffoss
Bugs: Haven't fonund them yet
Rating: (8 votes)

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Most areas look boring (especially outdoors) but feature so many monsters and barrels that you can have some fun there. The storytelling aspect of the map also helps a bit. Okay-ish.x
This is dated February 1998. Although the readme doesn't come out and say it, the level is a recreation of part of Mos Eisley, the hangar, and the Millennium Falcon from the first Star Wars film. Star Wars NO NUMBER NO SUBTITLE NOTHING. The level isn't very good - the texturing is awful, there's a tonne of health and ammo, the Falcon itself is oddly tall - but the spaceship interior would be a good base for modification. It even has toilets.x
Average. A few nice details inside the ship, but overall, nothing special.x
Kinda blah. There's one secret that has nothing in it. What the heck's up with that?x
urhh, it was enjoyable but there isn't much special about it, aside from the archie placements, which I rather liked.x
i love this level make another one - DOOMMAN98x
Nice map! Lot of battles. City area's design is simple, but somewhat pretty. The ship looks crappy from the outside, but the inner is beautiful. -- 4/5x

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