Title: Fartknockers From Hell
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/fartnok.zip
Size: 57.03 KB
Date: 06/05/95
Author: Peter MacMurchy
Credits: Ben, for introducing me to DOOM and The Prodigy; Mark, my reluctant -tester & Penguins fan
Base: There's some bass in PNOISE.WAD.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomCAD 5.1, WARM 1.1
Bugs: 1. The doors in the first room don't work quite right, you have to trigger them twice for some unfathomable reason. After that it's OK. 2. A normal texture in the outdoor part won't BLAH align. I set the Y offset positive or negative, any value, it stays right how it is anyway. 3. Same sorta thing in the bookcase room. Even unpegging didn't seem to help. 4. There's a line-of-site-error in the stream (I BLAH don't know the correct term so I'll call it a LOSEr) I'd like to blither about this. I use DoomCAD since I know it from DOOM. But it always BLAH causes LOSErs in my wads so I went to find BSP 2.x but could only find WARM. It helped alot, but was slower than it implied and left a few LOSErs, most of which I tweaked out. But it left that little BLAH LOSEr that's there. Later I got DCK22 but I don't like it since it puts my monitor in super hi-res BLAH mode which is hard to read and it does annoying things like put linedefs on top of other linedefs. I think it's sorta like how people who are used to BLAH driving a standard hate having to drive an automatic. Anyway, DCK had BSP 2.1x (BONUS!), and it is indeed way faster. It got rid of the little
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Awful readme file, but the level itself is not bad, although old-fashioned. Has a simple but nice "large empty tech room" and there's lots of action. I doubt that Sir Menzies Campbell will lead the Lib Dems to great success.x

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