Title: Flay the Obscene - Part two
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/flayobs2.zip
Size: 140.52 KB
Date: 12/15/13
Author: Chris Hansen
Description: /story One level - sequel to my Flay the Obscene.

It is a map 14 level, so that you could actually load my flayobsc.wad and this one up in Doom2 and play them as a whole.

Continue in this cold and hostile world in your mission to hold back the invasion of the aliens. Singlehanded you must fight your way through this brick and rock style world. How hard can it be??

However you were told that these aliens showed no sign of intteligence and UAC headquarters believed that it was an easy job for you to hold back these "neanderthal beings". Your first mission proved that! They believed that they had no techological knowledge. However now you start to suspect that they may have some technological know-how afterall. Small tech devices are now appearing in this alien world and things seem less random and messy this time. Are you getting closer to a truth well hidden by the UAC? Or are you simply starting to get paranoia? Suddenly you donīt feel so confident in your victory afterall. Maybe there was a meaning as to why your first infiltration were so succesfull? As you hide in their bloody sewers, you are getting other thoughts. Your self-esteem are dropping rapidly as you look at the shotgun in front of you. Now you have another mission to fullfill!

Well, I must admit, that I somewhere late in the process of this level, made some mistakes regarding this level. These have resulted in multiple changes and corrections in the making of the leveldesign which made some things differ a lot from my first ideas about it. It forced me to make some changes which resulted in a totally different outcome of the level structure and gameplay. So therefore, the level will never in my eyes reach the same quality as Flay the Obscene. Had these "things" never occured in the first place in the making of the level, and were I not forced to have corrected them negatively, well, then I guess the finished product would have been somewhat execellent. Because of all this, I have considdered making a special version of this level for zDoom, so that things might just go my way! It is, however, not settled yet!
Credits: Those weird brains at ID for Doom and its many successors. Matt Tagliaferri for a userfriendly yet strange level editor. The fantastic creators of Zdoom and GlDoom! Kasper Tidemann, Denmark The creators of Final: Evilution aka Team TNT All you Doom fanatics outthere for keeping this all time classic, mother of all 3D games and best game ever, alive. Wes Burd for an awesome website Makers of BSP
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Since Flay the Obscene.....
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Can't remember, probably a couple since it's a thirteen old wad.
Rating: (4 votes)
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It's rather tight on health and a bit frustrating at moments with loads of chaingunners that can't be killed (at least not permanently) but I still managed to enjoy parts of it and I like the way it looks.x
Short 5-minutes wad. Architecture: solid but not very special DooM2. Gameplay (UV): 1) switch-hunt, 2) resurrecting-chaingu nners trick, 3) monster pop-up, 4) narrow corridors, 5) unbalanced monster placement. Overall: not bad, not good, so 3/5.x
Nice Onex

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