Title: The Flood Gates
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/floodgat.zip
Size: 147.71 KB
Date: 02/14/02
Author: John
Description: This is my first release. There is nothing fancy or exception about this map, I just made it to fit the original story line. The map is very large but not puzzling as a matter of fact it is almost straight foward but interesting. The real challenge is to play it on UV. Don't worry its not unbeatable. The secrets in it are not hard to find either. All in all I built this level for the purpose of it being a fast-pace action oriented map with lots of monsters. Try it.
Credits: To id for doom, and the author of DCK.
Base: Built From Scratch
Build time: 100 hours spread out over 1 year
Editor(s) used: DCK 3.0, Zennode
Bugs: None known, maybe a litte texture alignment here and there.
Rating: (16 votes)
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