Title: Forsaken (Forsaken.wad from Forsaken.zip)
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/forsaken.zip
Size: 112.65 KB
Date: 10/02/97
Author: Scott Harper (aka. MadMax)
Description: Let's put it this way If you can survive this level in Ultra-Violence mode, you are a better Doomer than I am, and I consider myself to be pretty good. Definitely not for the light hearted.
Credits: -Jim F. Flynn for many hours of brainstorming, his excellent conversion utilities, (see my Doom page for a link to Jim's home page) and many, many good ideas. Thanks dude ! -id software for Doom & Doom2 -Xerxes Software for Mapconv -Playtesters Jim F. Flynn Tom Negley (of the Pittsburg Negleys...)

--Thanks Guys !
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Fun map with lots of monsters. I also ended killing myself with RL when going after red key guardian (might be easier in a port that allows precise vertical aiming).x
I liked it - COOLx
Good oldschool stuff here! Gameplay is the strongest part with some nice ideas. The architecture falls into the '94-'95 almost meaningless type and feels sort of empty but I'm sure not every one of us is going to dislike it. At least it's not just detailed square rooms. I was whining for a Berserk pack though. Maybe SOD did no good for me about this matter. 4/5x
I had my fun while playing this! Good old wad. 5/5x
Although the readme is dated 1997, the level itself is from mid-1995. It divides into about five or six sections, most of which are pretty rough; it's basically one long corridor split into bits, coming off a central hub room. It starts off poorly but improves as the monster count increases, although it's only entertaining if you run straight through it without pausing to pick the monsters off (which is true of many levels, and this one doesn't stand out).x
well...nuthing killed me but i killed myself 6 TIMES with the rockit launsher! but oh ya awsom grafix great chalinging gameplay if you dont play this you dont no what your missing! x

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