Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/0-9/2defwads.zip
Size: 69.38 KB
Date: 12/02/05
Author: Ryan Feltrin
Description: These are my ABSOLUTE favourite DeathMatch Levels ever played! There are 2 levels contained in this 1 wad file, they replace MAP1 & MAP2 in DOOM ][. The first is titled "MadMax2", sort of from the movie, but it's like a big Arena and theres already tonnes of levels called Arena something, so this is MadMax2. Its small but very fast and intense. I like the sprites and stuff used, it gives a real sense of being locked up for BATTLE! The second is titled "TheEscape". Dont know why but its all i can think of right now. It's very big, but as theres not that many nodes, its still very fast through the Modem. This one is my favourite, trust me, i have played it for hours and I still cant get enough of it! Theres a nice little bonus room if you can figure out how to get in there, and who knows, you may even be lucky enough to start in there! Anyway, your probably not reading anymore so i'd better get down to the next section..
Credits: The makers of DOOM, who were they again?? All people involved in the hacking of DOOM! Particularly Matthew Ayres for the best WAD editor ever made! Thanx for saving me from the cauldrons of DEU.
Base: MAP01: MADMAX.WAD for DooM (also by Ryan Feltrin) MAP02: New from scratch (why copy someone elses??)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WADED 1.42 by Matthew Ayres.
Bugs: None. But i'm sure someone will find something :)
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Not good at all.. Big, bad texturing, nebiew maps that you make as a kid messing with WadAuthor..x

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