Title: Multiplayer Deathmatch Cooperative PWAD
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/0-9/2getha.zip
Size: 442.29 KB
Date: 12/08/95
Author: Bonsai (a man like a tree)
Description: This one's made for cooperative deathmatch, meaning that you will have to play two on two to reach some of the items. It also shows some, well, somewhat "advanced" techniques, i.e. the possibilities that come with the use of "dummy sectors". Go look at it! And don't miss the spot in the arena where you can make yourself invisible by the push of a button. It is marked by a computermap and an imp. Stop right there and press the switches around you (that you can't see;) It also has a terminal with various pages of information about the level, a number-coded door and much more.
Credits: nope, made this one completely on my own :) all right, allright: iD-Soft, and all the incredible guys that spend so much of their time developing excellent add-on programs for the "one most popular game until quake" :)
Base: New level from scratch (exactly)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DETH, NWT, DEHACKED, RMB, WinTex
Bugs: Hmm, well, you may call them "bugs". I call 'em special FX! ;) All right, here we go: - HOM (uhh) when you go invisible (only YOU will see it, sorry) - Level seems to be running unsteady on 4MB machines, occasional ZMALLOC, I never had that on any 8MB computer. Damn! - Yes, well, in the square room in the center, there are textures that are !NOT PROPERLY ALIGNED!, but the only way around it would be to change the sector heights and I don't want to do that. Try to ignore it, I've seen worse. ;) - sorry, but I didn't have the time to build an exit switch, so you'll have to blow up the main computer core to exit. ;) And be careful: as soon as someone blows open the little hatch to the core it will sound a red alert everywhere in the level to warn the other players.
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