Title: TriO 9 DeathMatch for DooM II
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/0-9/9_trio.zip
Size: 544.23 KB
Date: 04/12/96
Author: Dean Stretton
Description: TriO 9... Bring your friends along to Camp TriO - the ultimate DeathMatch retreat! In this scenic alpine setting, you'll experience terror and exhilaration previously unknown!

* Support for DM v1/2, with 2-4 players!
* 25 new SFX, including ALL weapons
* New music for ALL levels
* New graphic resources
* Three BRILLIANT levels

This is the first multi-function TriO! With added support for DM v1.0 and multiplayer games, TriO 9 is the most versatile TriO to date. TriO 9 is also the most extensively playtested instalment so far - so its appeal should stretch far and wide...

MAP01 is Point Blank #3, by Denis Möller. This is a fast-paced level with a hint of strategy. SS's will dominate, but the energy weapons can prove a powerful addition.

MAP02 is 6Skuls02 MAP 7, by Marin Gazzari. Sensational! The level is complex yet easy to navigate, and allows short-term (ie split second) strategy for those who know the level intimately. Stylish and rewarding.

MAP03 is Mancer01, by Cole Savage. This level has an excellent 'flow', due to virtually all rooms having two entrances/exits. Bigger weapons take a little more time to pick up, but are usually worth the trouble.
Credits: NewWadTool (NWT) v1.3 (for compilation)
Paint Shop Pro (PSP) v3.1 (for screens)
MIDI2MUS (for MIDI conversion)
Music Sculptor (for MIDI manipulation)
TheDraw (for ENDOOM editing)

K Forte, E Fisher, K Podszebka, J Nugnug - SFX
NIN_HLAH.MID - MAP03 music
FIFTHSYM.MID - Intermission music
ENTERTNR.MID - Title music (I thought the tune would be appropriate, seeing as DooM II _IS_ 'The Entertainer')

Denis Möller (for Point Blank 3)
Marin Gazzari (for 6Skuls02 MAP07)
Cole Savage (for Mancer01)

The TriO 9 playtesters - Dean Stretton, Nick Miller, Peter Venables, Edward Rushton, SolariS, Daniel Karrels, Clayton Shivers, Dirk Jan Brandt

(To become a playtester, just send e-mail to Dean Stretton - dean@pcug.org.au)

ID Software (of course)
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Editor(s) used: Ditto.
Bugs: Ditto.
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It's just a compilation, but they picked good maps at least :)x

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