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A1 Stud Muffin's SNiPER 2000 - Doom Legacy Edition (minor text fix)
Size:174.22 KB
Author:Michael Hopkins (aka Digital Thought) email: (If this changes, check my webs

Mechanical Death
Two small deathmatch levels for Zdoom/Zdaemon -maybe they work in Skulltag and other ports, too; not tested-, made at the request of the ABC clan, from Mexico. Designed for fast games and 1vs1 battles... And with new graphics and music. These levels ...Date:07/11/10
Size:129.89 KB
Author:Eye del Cul

Achtung! das ist krieg los hier!! This is a great level for killing each other and yuuup.... really nice looking level. It took me about 8 hours to finish all of these work, Rammstein's song in it so it's just cool. And i think you will enjoy the gam...Date:03/26/14
Size:194.57 KB

Acid 4
A small/med map ment for about 2-8 ppl...Date:10/03/03
Size:65.87 KB

Ever wonder what the doomguy when you turn your computer off at night? This is where he deathmatches when twilight strikes. Here is a set of three moderately high detailed levels for any ZDoom based engine. I would strongly recommend enabling mouselo...Date:05/24/04
Size:419.41 KB
Author:Josh (EarthQuake) Simpson

AAAIIIEEEE! Its Stuck to My Face!
Well i was sittin' there and suddenly the darndest thought popped up in my head. What if i made a script which would change the light colors of a room when the walls were shot. BAMN the wad was born. But you cannot have a level with just a room so i ...Date:11/30/00
Size:179.3 KB

It's a small DM map, covered with those details everyone hate, but this time they not interrupt in the gameplay (not as much as HeDRoX (The Anti-Gameplay))....Date:01/07/06
Size:2.31 MB
Author:ElRodo (Rodrigo Acevedo).

Abandoned Misery
This map was included in my huge project 'TGRDM3'(Morgenstern) that originally started back in 2007, but I finally decided to kill the project on the 26 October 2014. The development time was going to take several more years to complete, and making m...Date:10/30/14
Size:1.3 MB
Author:Nicholas "Tiger" Gautier

Abandoned Nukage Center
I took on the challenge of making an old engine compatible deathmatch map, ZDaemon, based on ZDoom 1.23, does not support 3D blocks, so I had to use Transfer_Heights water and object based bridges. Luckily I was able to use RAMPS, at least that's wha...Date:04/07/20
Size:138.92 KB

Anger Deathmatch
Anger DM is a 7-level Boom-compatible wad designed primarily for Deathmatch play, using the Gothic DM texture pack....Date:10/29/21
Size:453.55 KB
Author:Mohammed Firas (Hitboi)

8 dm maps that I found within the depths of my hard drive, them being the first I ever made....Date:06/01/05
Size:280.33 KB

Awesome Panda DM
A set of 13 maps created by myself because I felt like creating some maps. The music is sequenced by myself, apart from map 11. Don't play map 13 if you're epileptic, by the way. I was gonna use the Club Doom music, but I dunno if I can....Date:05/26/13
Size:596.49 KB
Author:Awesome Panda

Arena of Death V1.0
Deathmatch wad build for 3 or 4 players. Can be used with 2 but not as cool. Level is one big space that has 3 different planes of action....Date:09/22/08
Size:64.49 KB
Author:Craig J. Dudle

A little test run of zdoom scripts for colored sectors and wadauthor actually it is the first deathmatch level I made that. I'm satisified enough to release in quite a while. Its a pond with some marble ruins at the surface. Includes some fog and swi...Date:11/16/00
Size:9.57 KB

It's my first deathmatch level for Doom2. This level was inspired by a 3D pic I made with 3D studio max, which is the TITLEPIC for this level. I added a parking lot, a small office building, a bathroom, and a kitchen. I'd say this DM Level is medium-...Date:01/05/03
Size:67.32 KB

Barrels o'Fun
The idea came up, when I thought about a new map for Nutty - a map, where players look like barrels. It must be interesting and funny, if players in deathmatch could pretend not to be a player but part of the decoration. However, Doom doesn't allow s...Date:12/16/06
Size:657.21 KB
Author:Milian & Zdaemon community

Base 499
A 1on1 deathmatch map, I decided to actually throw some effort into it and voila, it was completed. Not ideal for weaponswitching, jumping, or mouselook in MP play....Date:06/25/07
Size:576.67 KB
Author:Nickalaus "DD_133" McCarthy

Base DM #1
Base style deathmatch level. Very small and tight... inspired by MAP07 of DooM 2, but better and more detailed. DON'T fall in slime!...Date:08/08/98
Size:385.04 KB
Author:Sir Robin (Jani Saksa)

Base DM #2
Base style deathmatch level. Small/medium size. Specially good for head-2-head play, but it has starts for 8 players! This level is specially designed for NEW deathmatch mode (altdeath), but propably works just as well in old deathmatch. This WAD won...Date:09/08/98
Size:358.3 KB
Author:Sir Robin (Jani Saksa)

Base DM #3
Base style deathmatch level. Small/medium size. This WAD won't work properly without BooM. Ok... It's an abandoned base that has taken partly over by flood after a hole appeared in dam. All skill levels have been included. They follow TeamTNT's good ...Date:09/23/98
Size:195.1 KB
Author:Sir Robin (Jani Saksa)

Base DM #4
Base style deathmatch level. Small/medium size. This WAD won't work properly without BooM or some other port that supports all BooM effects that I used. All that the level really tries to be is a base-style deathmatch area. All skill levels have been...Date:01/28/99
Size:125.25 KB
Author:Sir Robin (Jani Saksa)

Base DM #5
Base style deathmatch level. Very small size. All skill levels have been included. They follow TeamTNT's good deathmatch rules. Platforms with green lights are deathmatch spawn spots... I got the idea to make them while playing Quake 2 deathmatch....Date:01/28/99
Size:115.45 KB
Author:Sir Robin (Jani Saksa)

Base DM #6
Medium size base-style deathmatch level. Fits best for 2-3 players, and supports up to 8 players. All skill levels have been included. They follow TeamTNT's good deathmatch rules (see below). Teleports behind the doors take you to plasma rifle and to...Date:05/30/99
Size:140.62 KB
Author:Sir Robin (Jani Saksa)

Base DM #7 - Tribute to Hemp
Small base-style deathmatch level, a tribute to worlds best drug plant, Hemp. Fits best for 2 players and supports up to 8 players. All skill levels have been included. They follow TeamTNT's good deathmatch rules (see below), however this level mig...Date:10/18/99
Size:238.13 KB
Author:Sir Robin (Jani Saksa)

BastetFurrys Deathmatch Maps
Two deathmatch levels First complete release on internet! ;) ===============================================================...Date:03/02/05
Size:33.08 KB
Author:Markus Stehr aka BastetFurry

A modified version of "The Bridge Between" map included in the Cyberdreams release. Less room and more attractive ambientation. There are enough starts for four players, but it should be played as a one-on-one deathmatch. Don't use this map with the ...Date:06/19/98
Size:29.92 KB
Author:Albert Valls (Barcelona) Member of Presage.

Blooded Bricks
A medium sized duel/deathmatch map designed for 2-6 players. Type 'Map BBRICKS' in the console to load the map. This map is an attempt to fuse traditional Doom deathmatch design with some new elements to keep things fresh. Despite being a 'newsch...Date:09/22/13
Size:112.35 KB
Author:Captain Toenail

Bella Et Arma
A cramped DM wad taking place in a Mine...Date:06/21/04
Size:149.37 KB

The Best WAD Ever
30 maps that are the best ever....Date:08/05/04
Size:152.76 KB
Author:Wang, hobomaster22, MasterOFDeath

BFG arena
this dehacked makes the game BFG-only...Date:05/15/05
Size:1.32 KB

Big Arch
This is a deathmatch level inspired by a dream about a big arch, damn dreams! :-) It is mostly outdoors, with plenty of height variation. Probably best with many players, two ain't enough and ten is getting crowded....Date:12/20/08
Size:201.51 KB
Author:Andrew J Apted

I found some neat textures at so I thought I would build a texture wad and make a ZDoom level. A lot of environment effects are in this one, including ambient sounds, level interaction and of course the surreal textures....Date:07/05/99
Size:1.2 MB
Author:Rick Clark

Blood Circuit Death Match
Blood is thicker than water, and this arena will make a believer of this saying for those brave enough to enter this area. Welcome to Blood Circuit Death Match, an area that harnesses blood for energy to power mysterious and advanced technologies. ...Date:09/18/21
Size:43.45 KB

Blood Circuit Death Match 2
Prepare yourself, for what you have decided to witness is not exactly like what you have experienced before! Prepare to partake of the realized unity of blood and technology, in a domain that exists only for energy. . . . an area that fuels from the ...Date:10/24/21
Size:51.38 KB

Blitz DM
This is a DM .WAD designed for FFA game mode, inspired by my "Blitz" series: in fact, it has got the same tech-base style. It is a medium-big map with a large central outdoor arena, a long corridor around it and 4 small rooms, each one provided with ...Date:09/17/08
Size:204.66 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

BOH v.1.1
BOH is a simple deathmatch level designed for a fast paced game and made for the ZDaemon clan of the same name. There is no BFG, no plasma no major power-ups and no crying. Use of the mouse is strongly discouraged. See for more det...Date:01/06/05
Size:24.78 KB
Author:PabloPerkins & Maverick

Borgs of BOH! 1
Borgs of BOH! is a series of simple death match levels designed to give Bots as fair a chance as possible. There isn't much in the way of obstacles or structures that can inhibit the movement of ZDaemon Bots....Date:09/07/05
Size:103.68 KB

Breed DM
The most powerful DM weapons MOD you will ever play -just add maps and yer set!...Date:02/15/99
Size:486.34 KB
Author:Marc A. Pullen [FANATIC]

Breed DM UPGRADE from v.1.1 to v.1.2
The most powerful DM weapons MOD you will ever play -just add maps and yer set! This is a small DeHackEd file upgrade from v.1.1 to v.1.2, BREED_DM.ZIP is REQUIRED, as this only upgrades the DeHackEd file, not the WAD file....Date:02/15/99
Size:5.64 KB
Author:Marc A. Pullen [FANATIC]

Bridge over Bloody waters
Shoot everything that moves....Date:03/02/03
Size:23.1 KB
Author:Jason Sloan. AKA

Bullet Train
I got the idea from one of the assault maps in Unreal Tourny called HiSpeed (or something to that effect) where you had to basicly fight and take over the other teams train (which was moving the whole time). So then I said, "hey, that would be a cool...Date:01/24/00
Size:123.23 KB

Butthole Deathmatch
(THIS MOD INCLUDES 3D FLOORS AND OTHER OPENGL RELATED FEATURES. PLEASE, SET YOUR RENDERER TO OPENGL BEFORE PLAYING) The whole purpose of this DM mod, apart from bringing some sort of LGBT theme to the map design, is to introduce myself as a gay doo...Date:07/28/12
Size:20.47 MB
These are 2 deathmatch levels for ZDoom only! Because there are slopes, mirrors, arches and the such....Date:08/26/03
Size:53.89 KB
Author:Dale Harris (Cadman)

1344x1344 cage match, 12 DM starts, two weapons and a few powerups. Switches in the middle lowers the powerup platforms. Every health/armor are located in awkward spots, so watch out!...Date:04/11/16
Size:43.75 KB

Castle Arena
This map is a simple deathmatch arena in a medieval castle. It consists of an inner courtyard and keep (central tower), the inner walls and towers, and the outer courtyard. Yep, its a castle! Use the inner walls and adjoining towers to gain a comman...Date:06/09/15
Size:21.43 KB
Author:Inner Demon Entertainment

Chainsaws and Boomsticks
This is Episode One my New Deathmatch levels....Date:07/30/01
Size:582.07 KB
Author:Sgt Crispy

Chainsaws and Boomsticks 2
This is Episode Two my New Deathmatch levels. In these levels the only weapons you get to use are Chainsaws, pistols, the 2 Shotguns, and a rocket launch once in a while. I think this would be a refreshing chane to the standard DM game. (IMHO) After ...Date:07/30/01
Size:747.47 KB
Author:Sgt Crispy

Chainsaws and Boomsticks Special Edtion (Final Release) ver 1.1
This is the Full and (TRULY) Final Release of Chainsaws and Boomsticks Special Edtion Alot of time and effort went in to this so I hope you enjoy it!...Date:02/28/04
Size:892.03 KB
Author:Sgt Crispy

Charge Sequence
Chagre Sequence is a simple CTF map designed for 8-12 players. There are five routes going through the map. Each one of them is connected to eachother, and all five are shared by both teams. There are plenty of bridge things, so make sure to have co_...Date:07/11/13
Size:105.25 KB

High frag Deathmatch level for 2-4 players...Date:07/16/08
Size:162.92 KB
Author:ringo and executor

CHILL contains four unique and original maps that aim to deliver classic 1-on-1 gameplay with emphasis on item and weapon control and brisk, intricate flow. NOTE: ZDoom is required because CHILL uses the MAPINFO lump. The maps themselves use no ZD...Date:06/11/09
Size:176.24 KB

Chill 2
The grand sequel to Chill, featuring three maps previously unveiled in (and removed from) a beta of the upcoming 1-on-1 blockbuster OP Duel and two original maps built for quick, focused 1-on-1 action....Date:11/01/09
Size:167.6 KB

Chill 3
After a year of on-and-off surgery, the second sequel to Chill has finally hit shelves, all bandaged up and ready to roll. Across nine unique, sleek maps that include two guest maps from mapping heavyweights Ralphis and RottKing, Chill 3 pulls you, y...Date:02/04/11
Size:553.29 KB

Circular Area
A DeathMatch level with an isle inside (typical 3-floor for me :))...Date:07/29/01
Size:43.04 KB
Author:Jan "Hirogen2" Engelhardt

Circle DM
It`s not so much big, There`s is no BFG 9000 :( But this is the Boom version of the level, soon will this be for ZDoom too....Date:10/08/99
Size:20.85 KB
Author:Tomi Rajala

Civilian Sawmill for Doom v1.0
You either loved it or hated it's TF and TFC versions. Now the joys of Civsaw come to Doom! I decided to port my popular Quake map over, and it has mixed results. I've changed a few things in this one, not only because of engine differences but also ...Date:01/01/00
Size:120.24 KB
Author:J.C. Bengtson (SailorScout)

ClosedDM (Ver. 1)
You've heard of Freedoom's FreeDM; a 32 level WAD with a...Date:11/22/20
Size:546.09 KB
Author:Nick G.

SSG DM in the Clouds
a SSG DM in the Clouds Two versions: - the new version - works with normal doom2 - the original - enhanced doom2 port required...Date:11/21/01
Size:18.62 KB

CoDead II
Size:288.47 KB
Author:Emil Harold Brundage

Castle Argh!
This is a deathmatch area. There's a castle with 4 corner towers. There's a moat around the castle. Inside on the bottom floor there is a maze at the center of which is the map's only megasphere. But, you have to press the button in one of the 4 corn...Date:12/12/16
Size:91.86 KB
Author:El Tupi

CTF_Turbine from Team Fortress 2 redesigned in Doom 2, using all Doom 2 textures. Designed for the CTF gamemode, but I suppose it could be reworked for Deathmatch too. Red team (Demon team) Vs Blue team (UAC team). No green or gold spawns. Try it wit...Date:04/29/20
Size:29.86 KB

Capture the Flag Megawad (okay, so it's boring, SUE ME :) )
The first Capture the Flag megawad, complete with batch files, brief reviews and, most importantly, NODES...Date:07/28/01
Size:1.83 MB
Author:Jeremy Elder (Sgt Cripsy), Richard Clark (Richard Clark), and more that I could not discover

Doombot CTF-ROKS 1
This is my first Doombot CTF map. The bots play fairly well on this level even with the unusual layout. I intentionally made the ceiling high on this because of the ROKS explosion effects. I like it. :) You must use the Doombot CTF mode for this map....Date:01/29/99
Size:60.83 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Doombot CTF-ROKS 2
This is my second CTF map using the ROKS mod. I personally think map makes a great CTF game and the blue boys really are good at grabbing that red flag. You must use the Doombot CTF mode for this map and the ROKS patch....Date:02/02/99
Size:51.2 KB
Author:Rick Clark

CTF Pack
This is a pack of four maps made exclusively for the Doombot CTF port....Date:04/10/99
Size:1.05 MB
Author:Rick Clark

A set of maps made for Skulltag. Tons of graphics from Quake 2, CTF (Capture The Flag) gameplay ONLY, plentiful ACS scripting, special effects, scrolling skies, and MOD music. And don't forget all those nice special runes and powerups that just make ...Date:08/08/01
Size:4.78 MB
Author:Virgil the Doom Poet

Cyberdemon's Quake2 DM02 ZDoom Conversion
This is a conversion of Cyberdemon's Quake 2 DM map....Date:04/17/99
Size:362.93 KB
Author:Rick Clark

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