Title: Barfight.WAD
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/a-c/barfight.zip
Size: 67.32 KB
Date: 01/05/03
Author: LizardCommando
Description: It's my first deathmatch level for Doom2. This level was inspired by a 3D pic I made with 3D studio max, which is the TITLEPIC for this level. I added a parking lot, a small office building, a bathroom, and a kitchen. I'd say this DM Level is medium-large sized... Hope you have fun in this level! :)
Credits: id software for making Doom2.
Base: The level is based on a 3D studio max pic I made. I just added in some more tables, an outside area, and you can go through that door in the back.
Build time: Two-Three days
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor and Wintex
Bugs: There's supposedly some HOM in the bar area when you look over at the back right corner near the back door. That only happened in Vanilla Doom2, so just use a source port. Another one is that there are some crappy looking texture placements... Heh, that's because I'm not good at adding in textures and stuff for doors.
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eh, id expect better from a 2003 por tmap it kinda suckked, 1/5x
I really like this level, i dont know why.x
Lizard commando is the reason you came here.x

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