Title: Bullet Train
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/a-c/btrain.zip
Size: 123.23 KB
Date: 01/24/00
Author: Cyb
Description: I got the idea from one of the assault maps in Unreal Tourny called HiSpeed (or something to that effect) where you had to basicly fight and take over the other teams train (which was moving the whole time). So then I said, "hey, that would be a cool DM map as well". Of course I meant for Doom. It's a tad smaller than its UT counterpart, and not quite as convincing, but it gets the point across, and it manages to play fairly well with the bots (once you've run around enough so they get proper nodes). And, of course, this is a ZDoom map.
Credits: id, Raven, Lee Killough, Randy Heit, Epic ===============================================================
Base: Scratch
Build time: I built it while I was watching a football game (Rams vs. Bucs, NFC Championship, and damnit that pass WAS complete)
Editor(s) used: WadED, WadAuthor, Warm, Wintex, PSP6
Bugs: Uh, don't fall off the train (that's not really a bug though) and if you do and sit there dead on the ground eventually you come to the end of the level and the effect of a moving train is lost.

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I remember playing this a long time ago with some friends of mine. It was awesome and so is this map.x
not bad, i liked ut, the ureal train is better (mainly cuz its a better game) but still, it earns a 4/5x
Looks good, almost like the unreal train. 4/5x

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