Title: Chainsaws and Boomsticks 2
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/a-c/cbs2.zip
Size: 747.47 KB
Date: 07/30/01
Author: Sgt Crispy
Description: This is Episode Two my New Deathmatch levels. In these levels the only weapons you get to use are Chainsaws, pistols, the 2 Shotguns, and a rocket launch once in a while. I think this would be a refreshing chane to the standard DM game. (IMHO) After a few last minute changes CBS Episode 2 is here! Enjoy! (4:20, the time it was finished heh heh. No lie!)
Credits: iD Software (duh!)

William Aryes for WADED. (The best non-special effects editor out there! IMHO.)

Olivier Montanuy for WINtex 4.3. And all the other people who help in that project as well.

Marc "Fanatic" Pullen. For some inspiration from his Fragging Fanatical CD's (Buy one Dammit!) (QDOOM RULES) I hope.. {http://doomworld.com/fanatic/}

Derek "Afterglow" Mac Donald. I use Q2TEX.wad and Q2tex.wad for the textures. Thanks for putting those Quake 1 and Quake 2textures togehter! {http://doomnation.com/afterglo

TiC for NWT 1.3. Used it to cleam up the graphics wad before merging with the map wad

John Williston for WadAuthor. While it wasn't used in making CBS, I hope the discussions we had will help in fixing some bugs that had been discovered.

Sparky from KISS software for reminding me about NWT! (Thanks!)

If you see something in here that is yours and I forgot to says thanks, THANKS!!!
Base: New levels made entirely from scratch.
Build time: Too long. about a month. Would have been done sooner if it hadn't been for Christmas.
Editor(s) used: Waded 1.83b WinTex 4.3 BSP 3.0x Photoshop 4.0 NWT 1.3
Bugs: None that I can find. Email me if you find any!
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