Title: Bloodsport
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/a-c/ctf_blod.zip
Size: 4.78 MB
Date: 08/08/01
Author: Virgil the Doom Poet
Description: A set of maps made for Skulltag. Tons of graphics from Quake 2, CTF (Capture The Flag) gameplay ONLY, plentiful ACS scripting, special effects, scrolling skies, and MOD music. And don't forget all those nice special runes and powerups that just make the gameplay a whole lot more interesting.

(You will probably need a Pentium 2 or above for these maps.)
Credits: ID Software, Tormentor667 for letting me use his nice sky textures and flag sprites from his "Perforated Entrails" project (thank you VERY much), and the numerous makers of DOOM and DOOM2 editing utilities (you know who you are :) )
Base: Delusional thoughts, sheer creativity, Tormentor667's sky textures and flag sprites from "Perforated Entrails", plus the Quake 2 textures that he extracted for his project.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DMapEdit 4.0, NWT for music/graphics changes, Dmgraph/Wintex for graphics changes, and ZETH for ZDOOM/Skulltag special effects and ACS scripting. *comment* ==> DMapEdit 4.0 is awesome
Bugs: None (If you find any, let me know)
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A great bunch of CTF maps, i recommend this.x

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