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Psychedelic Doom wad for Deathmatch. You're running around in a gray space in which moving white lines betray the layout of the map....Date:05/21/06
Size:143.4 KB

a lost 2005 oddity
I found this old layout from 2005 in one of my floppy disks, i'll grab it and i'll fix some stuff, and i made it with dm gameplay. Over this, this time is a medium arena sets in your hometown, replaces map01 (originally map12, read below for change...Date:03/21/09
Size:169.39 KB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

The Dam
A dm map replacing Map01....Date:11/02/04
Size:687.86 KB
Author:Johnathan "SirTimberWolf" Enright

Don't Be A Bitch Last Man Standing 3
32 maps suitable for Team/Last Man Standing...Date:03/27/15
Size:31.4 MB
Author:Argentum, Combinebobnt, Decay, Dusk, Grymmoire, HeavenWraith, Ivan, Keo, Mobius, Ru5tK1ng, Razgriz/S

Don't Be A Bitch Remastered
33 maps suitable for Team/Last Man Standing...Date:08/17/15
Size:35.46 MB
Author:Argentum, Combinebobnt, Decay, Dusk, Grymmoire, HeavenWraith, Ivan, Jdagenet, Keo, Mobius, Razgriz,

Doom Boy and Black Void's Deathmatch
Size:413.1 KB
Author:Doom Boy and Black Void

DooMBoy DeathMatch (DBDM)
My first released DM map, REQUIRES ZDoom...Date:02/17/03
Size:38.5 KB

Zero Tolerance
An small mapset containing 7 maps in total I made for Lutrov's 1024 contest. All maps are playable from pistol start, or play through them in one go its up to you. Ive really enjoyed making these maps and I hope you will enjoy playing them. UV is pre...Date:05/22/06
Size:651.81 KB
Author:Dutch Devil

Decent Paintball
A decent Paintball mod. Includes a deathmatch map and singleplayer monsters....Date:12/10/22
Size:62.6 KB

Descent 3-5
Just some small DM maps I made. I have no clue why I made them, the mood just struck me I guess. They're the next three in the Descent DM series I guess. Whatever you want....Date:07/06/99
Size:131.03 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Descent 1
My first DM map, and if I do say so myself, it's come out quite nice. Originally was gonna be a Slaughter DM map, but I got fired(ahem), so now I'm using it for my own evil purposes. For those who might be wondering, Descent is the name of a song by ...Date:09/29/98
Size:40.29 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Descent 2
I told you there'd be a second one ;)...Date:01/10/99
Size:55.89 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Large(ish) FFA Deathmatch Map with a Gothic Style. 16 DM Starts....Date:07/02/04
Size:267.08 KB

DFrag - Doom France Frag
DFrag offers 14 maps of varying sizes, styles and gameplay types to provide the best entertainment possible during your slaughterfests. The current maplist is the following - Map01 "Inner Fear" by M'aiq Le Menteur - Map02 "Double Cour" by Subject_119...Date:01/28/21
Size:1.08 MB
Author:Original idea by Datacore, with the help of various members from the community.

Descent into The Absolute
A UAC base gone haywire. You will fight in Hell eventually. A few base levels are distorted by the influence of Hell....Date:10/29/10
Size:12.22 MB

djv duel
a pack of levs for zdemon...Date:03/28/12
Size:661.82 KB

Doomkid's Deathmatch 4! [Quick n' Dirty speedmaps]
Hello again DM lovers! Here I have 12 maps I whipped up fairly quickly that are sure to please. Serious matches can be had with 2-4 players, but it goes insane with 8+! I have made the BFG optional, because I know a lot of people don't like it (see: ...Date:11/23/14
Size:1.2 MB
Author:Doomkid (Adam Post)

DM-Morpheus Wannabe
Four structures in low gravity with air control enabled. 'Space' environment and good music....Date:11/21/01
Size:1.21 MB
Author:Mike Blakely (Biff)

Deathmatch level 1b
A simple but deadly DM level. This is an updated version of DM1B.WAD. I uploaded the original and the Doom2 version to Xoom; i'm uploading this version to FTP:FTP.CDROM.COM This version works with The Ultimate Doom, AND with Doom2. Now, as an improve...Date:07/01/01
Size:14.65 KB

DOOM2Forever Deathmatch beta v.5
Contains a total of nine DM maps and six duel maps, maps 1-11 are Deathmatch based while maps 20-25 are duel based....Date:04/05/06
Size:4.47 MB
Author:Halden "Baphomet" Richards

Zaga for Doom 2
One of the maps of the initial Zaga release. Zaga is a Deathmatch map whose purpose is to be ported to more first person shooters. More details on the Zaga website at:
Size:38.97 KB

Remake of Quake map DM4 for Doom2 DM. My first Doom2 map and I wanted to do something very vertical, and I had already done a DM4 remake once so this seemed like a nice first challenge. Removing all the rooms above rooms from the original was rather ...Date:08/20/99
Size:18.2 KB

Experimental DM Level for Zdoom, which contains two 3D bridges passing over each other. All weapons are present and 8 DM starts are included. Other Zdoom effects include the ocean effect, and 3D pass over walls, etc. Main Courtyard is 1024x1024....Date:03/21/06
Size:18.83 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

DMC Deathmatch MapPack
A wad dedicated to mi DooM Clan: DooM Cazuela...Date:12/21/02
Size:1.91 MB
Author:Archon (Enrique Urra)

DMC Deathmatch MapPack II Preview
This is a preview of my new wad of my clan. I'm working on it....Date:02/27/03
Size:945.37 KB
Author:Archon (Enrique Urra)

Deadly Simplified
Doom II's MAP07 Fingerfied....Date:12/31/05
Size:199.87 KB
Author:Derek MacDonald aka Afterglow

A collection of six deathmatch-only levels, ranging from tiny and annoying to large and tedious....Date:09/25/04
Size:811.44 KB
Author:Derek "Afterglow" MacDonald

Deathmatch: (OutDoors)
A deathmatch wad that is set in outdoors, there are alotsa place to hide:...Date:11/07/12
Size:33.64 KB

SacrificeDM 01 Blood in the River
Brown brick 'n' metal 2 player medium paced deathmatch level...Date:05/11/99
Size:74.97 KB
Author:Derek Mac Donald aka Afterglow

SacrificeDM 02 Bringer of Death
2-4 player dark military base style deathmatch map...Date:05/11/99
Size:137.87 KB
Author:Derek Mac Donald aka Afterglow

SacrificeDM 03 Shedding Skin
Back to the brown brick 'n' metal 2 player medium paced deathmatch style which was also in Sac01....Date:05/28/99
Size:95.24 KB
Author:Derek Mac Donald aka Afterglow

SacrificeDM 04 Transmission
A dark military-style base with top notch lighting and architecture. Very symmetrical unlike the other maps in the series and best with 2-4 players. Also, very brown! :)...Date:08/21/99
Size:269.74 KB
Author:Derek Mac Donald aka Afterglow

SacrificeDM 05 Four Sticks
Fragfest arena which is symmetrical in design but kind of non-symmetrical in detail, understand? :) Uses the bullets-only weapons (ssg, sg, chaingun) and in a decayed brick 'n' metal theme....Date:09/02/99
Size:126.4 KB
Author:Derek Mac Donald aka Afterglow

SacrificeDM 06 The Mark Has Been Made
Sac6 is probably the most detailed in the series and this time I've gone with the Quake look - dark brown appearance & moody smoothed lighting all around. Supports up to 4 players and probably will play best with 4 altho' it is quite playable with on...Date:10/10/99
Size:190.81 KB
Author:Derek Mac Donald aka Afterglow

6 Doom II deathmatch levels for limit-removing source mods....Date:09/25/04
Size:1.01 MB
Author:Derek "Afterglow" MacDonald

Deathmatch Field -or- Field of Screams
A big flat area floating somewhere.. just a deathmatch level recommended for lots of players. It'll support 32 players. Kefka suggested we just do a big flat area where there's no place to hide... just constant shooting heh...Date:08/31/00
Size:19.64 KB
Author:Nick Di Cresce (Arch`Vile)

Deathmatch hell
A simple small deathmatch map with a few secrets for about 2-4 players...Date:01/07/14
Size:16.81 KB

Deathmatch Incarnate 2
A small level using a courtyard layout. Very fast....Date:07/15/00
Size:272.99 KB
Author:Stephen "fUnKyMoNk" Noonan

Deathmatch Incarnate 7
A deathmatch level....Date:07/15/00
Size:711.71 KB
Author:Stephen "fUnKyMoNk" Noonan

DooMknight's DooMSpain DM
This wad contains tiny deathmatch level, using some ZDooM features like slopes, perfect for 2-8 players I update this file fixing some errors....Date:09/10/05
Size:17.36 KB

DoomServ Deathmatch I v1.0
This five level deathmatch set, named after DoomServ and done in the style of the classic DWANGO wads, contains a highly diverse set of levels, making this a wad bound to please just about everyone. From well-designed levels to arenas made for brainl...Date:07/10/99
Size:289.95 KB
Author:Brad "Carnevil" Carney (levels) and Mike "Mancubus II" Lightner (artwork)

Deathmatch Street
Size:43.47 KB
Author:Pascal "Gherkin" vd Heiden

Deathmatch: Temple
A deathmatch wad that is set in a temple made of bricks, there are alotsa stone pillars where you can cover, also an outdoors area with the river that has the deep water effect, the BFG room is the ashwall room that you can see from the inside the te...Date:12/27/12
Size:182.43 KB

A remake of the Unreal Tounament 99 deathmatch map, Tempest. Can be played Single or Multiplayer, although its main purpose is deathmatch....Date:06/11/14
Size:42.78 KB

Deep shadows and traps....Date:11/05/03
Size:187.72 KB

8 Grams of Lead (dm_dn04.wad)
Damn, I couldn't go a week without being drawn back to Doom level editing. Heroin is for losers, WadAuthor is a real addiction. A little different this time. As an effort to improve my skills I have included a linedef triggered lift, a teleporter, ...Date:06/03/01
Size:383.67 KB

Dumb DeathMatch Map 01
The big brain Spider Mastermind has come up with the most vile plan in existence. She trapped eight space marines in a cage, built a horribly ugly tech base that looked like a cat had fallen asleep on a keyboard while Doom Builder was on, and forced ...Date:07/02/20
Size:24.95 KB

Rubn's Deathmatch 1
My first DM map and also my first ZDoom map....Date:02/27/04
Size:30.25 KB
Author:Rubn Alonso

Doom Down DM1
1-Level deathmatch level with a good amount of detail. Has a gothic theme to it. New textures, flats....Date:12/01/01
Size:333.16 KB
Author:Devin Afshin

Doom Down DM2
1-Level deathmatch level with a good amount of detail. Takes place in a factory-like area. This could have been released months ago, but I figured it would be nice to release it after the new Zdaemon gets out....Date:01/01/03
Size:64.68 KB
Author:Devin Afshin

DoomWare V1.00
A wacky multiplayer minigame WAD for Zandronum....Date:07/31/21
Size:54.3 MB

A void-style deathmatch map, constructed *entirely* out of 3d floors. Uses FraggleScript for a few special effects like teleporters or 3d elevators. Don't mind the Pac-Man theme, it just adds a little variety to things. :P It seemed that a feature ...Date:08/23/03
Size:81.15 KB
Author:Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen

Downward is DM level, heavily inspired by DM maps from other games like Unreal Tournament and Quake. A simple level design yet very versatile and flexible....Date:05/10/18
Size:85 KB
Author:Maisth (Aiden)

The Tunnels
A small deathmatch map stationed in a long-abandoned maintenance tunnel deep beneath the Phobos Labs. The original purpose of the tunnel was to provide power for various parts of the Phobos Labs. After the first invasion from hell, the maintenance tu...Date:08/28/16
Size:1.71 MB

NBOD DM 3: Digital Science
A small deathmatch map using some Legacy features. Designed to be more of an eye-pleaser instead of being... uhm... playable. An OpenGL renderer is recommended because of use of certain special lightning effects, but software rendering will work ju...Date:05/01/03
Size:157.36 KB
Author:Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen

“Who can live and not see death, or who can escape the power of the grave?” Psalm 89:48 “Their love, their hate and their jealousy have long since vanished; never again will they have a part in anything that happens under the sun.” Ecclesia...Date:06/15/22
Size:53.12 KB
Author:MAY use the contents of this file as a base for

Deathmatch Therapy ver.1
This is my first deathmatch (or FFA) design attempt. I took some inspiration from Brit DM mappacks. I abused some gothic textures, so I hope you like them ;) Version 1 has 3 maps. If I make another similar DM map I will upgrade this with that map and...Date:02/04/09
Size:438.97 KB
Author:Vasek "(The_)Damned" Havranek

Dueling Keeps
The idea for this map comes from Q3CTF1, but I made it the way I prefer to see it for Doom. The fog is my own design using existing legacy features....Date:09/04/02
Size:230.27 KB
Author:Pascal "Gherkin" vd Heiden

This is a CTF version of E1M1....Date:07/21/01
Size:20.43 KB
Author:Richard Clark

Size:188.26 KB
Author:Lee "DooMAD" Wallis

7 levels of crazy ZDooM deathmatch...Date:02/11/03
Size:404.67 KB

A set of 6 speedmaps for DM using the Erratic Texture Pack....Date:09/22/10
Size:736.68 KB

Evil Capture the Flag
Yet another CTF level that I made. This one is was inspired by the Quake 1 CTF level 2evilCTF that was converted over to Quake2. The only reason I made this one is because of the kick ass AVI Fanatic put made of QDoom. Nodes for Doombot 4.0 are inclu...Date:05/09/01
Size:73.73 KB
Author:Sgt Crispy

A small and extremely fast-paced 1on1 arena with a few tricks up its sleeve....Date:08/10/13
Size:58.35 KB

A small and extremely fast-paced 1on1 arena with a few tricks up its sleeve, second try....Date:09/28/16
Size:69.43 KB

Forgotten Base: Flooded Area (v2)
Brick'n'metal themed forgotten UAC base....Date:10/14/99
Size:55.96 KB

Energy Control
Military base style map with nice energy control room...Date:04/14/02
Size:185.15 KB
Author:Boris "Tarin" Iwanski

Forgotten Base Special Edition
All four levels of the FBase series in one wad...Date:07/22/00
Size:273.91 KB

Frag Factory
The first-ever ZDaemon 1-on-1 map designed for newschool play. It's a factory with crates, pipes and a raised office. I've gone for all-new graphics and sounds as well as the layout to create something that looks, feels and plays different to normal ...Date:10/24/05
Size:302.95 KB
Author:Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer / LG_T-U-D)

FragFest Initialized (Boom)
Futuristic military base style Deathmatch maps...Date:05/30/99
Size:1.45 MB
Author:Parallel Team

FragFest Initialized (ZDoom)
Futuristic military base style Deathmatch maps...Date:05/30/99
Size:1.93 MB
Author:Parallel Team

Friendly Fire
This is my second attempt at a Deathmatch wad (my first being Godhand.wad) it is 5 maps made for 6 players....Date:04/01/15
Size:173.14 KB
Author:Greg Lafitte

Flay the Obscene - DeathmatcH
/story The first and only DM level in my series of Flay The Obscene maps containing 3 SP levels and now this one Dm level. This level uses exactly the same textures and flats as the other maps. Namely brick as the most used, wood and metal. I'm n...Date:03/31/01
Size:100.62 KB
Author:Christian N. Hansen aka Dykanden

Flay the Obscene - The Third
/story One level -sequel for my "Flay the Obscene" and "Flay the Obscene -Part Two". You can actually load the prequels too and play them as a whole since they all use different map numbers. Continue in this cold and hostile world in your mission...Date:02/20/01
Size:182.95 KB
Author:Christian N. Hansen aka Dykanden

Flow Form
Size:57.11 KB
Author:Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root

Four brand new oldschool duel maps made for original deathmatch skill 5....Date:12/19/13
Size:155.66 KB

Fountain of Myth
A medium sized DM level.....3D floors.....Secrets....Ideal for 4 - 6 players...Date:11/01/03
Size:29.66 KB
Author:Daniel Carroll

Foul Play
An oldschool deathmatch map. The map is a blend of a traditional base melded into a rock cavern....Date:05/22/13
Size:67.13 KB

Fradm is a NS deathmatch wad, with 8-map compilation. It's a very old project, certainly my first serious project (began in 2006). This wad has its own style, a gothic (dark metal/orange stone) architecture which sometimes meet futuristic and modern ...Date:02/13/15
Size:7.72 MB

4 deathmatch maps by the /vr/ Doom community. Maps were designed for 4+ players and no jump, nor nor crouch. New textures were allowed. Mappers had 1 month to create maps....Date:06/17/24
Size:1.29 MB
Author:4chan's /vr/ Doom community

Frenzy DM
DM Level for zDoom...Date:07/08/01
Size:274.09 KB
Author:Mike O'Neal (Fyrestorm) and Kurt Kesler (kdoom)

Freonic Craze
Yet another deathmatch level. Just sick of how Everyone on Doomserv plays dwango5. Maybe they Will take a break? This wad uses Afterglow's cool quake2 texture Pack. Go get it at You will play by my rules. There is no bfg, a...Date:04/22/00
Size:522.9 KB
Author:Brad Spencer

Frigid Frag
Winter is coming! This is a winter-themed deathmatch arena inspired by Brit10. Ideal for duels or 1-4 players....Date:12/08/14
Size:146.71 KB
Author:Captain Toenail

fubdm 2
an updated version of "fubdm.wad," pending inclusion in a megawad. could be alright for ffa, 3+ players advisable....Date:06/13/10
Size:25.21 KB

a series of 3 dm maps, all of which are reasonably dated. i have no idea how well these play because all i can test with are bots that can't figure out how to use super shotguns for some reason. level design inspired by popular ffa maps on zdaemon ...Date:07/28/13
Size:105.18 KB

Ugh DM 1 Underground Base
This is a small deathmatch level for ZDoom, making use of slopes and a fancy little script for a central event in the map. This is my first DM level as well as the first level in which I use slopes. Well, the slopes are not a very active part of the ...Date:06/22/01
Size:414.82 KB
Author:Fredrik Johansson

thefwf's cargo bay DM, final version
Size:134.61 KB

Fy_pool_day Remake
This map is a tribute to the famous custom Counter-Strike map fy_pool_day and the countless of hours I've wasted playing in it back in the day. I've decided to put a lot of care and attention to detail into remaking this map for GZDoom as faithfull...Date:05/08/20
Size:860.1 KB
Author:Rachel Windsor (Agentbromsnor)

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