Title: Don't Be A Bitch Last Man Standing 3
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/d-f/dbab3.zip
Size: 31.4 MB
Date: 03/27/15
Author: Argentum, Combinebobnt, Decay, Dusk, Grymmoire, HeavenWraith, Ivan, Keo, Mobius, Ru5tK1ng, Razgriz/S
Description: 32 maps suitable for Team/Last Man Standing
Credits: Jan Van der Veken, Espi, Nightmare, Cage, Eriance, Vader, Dr3k, GothicDM, CounterStrike, David Gevert, DrDoctor, Ola Bj÷rling, psyren, FranšoisX Delmotte, HeavenWraith, Dusk, and Raven Software for textures. We apologize to any possible individuals whose resources were used but who were not credited in the above list.
Base: Blank Screens
Build time: 4.5 months total
Editor(s) used: Many
Rating: (19 votes)
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