Title: Lamentations
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/d-f/dmdlamdm.zip
Size: 811.44 KB
Date: 09/25/04
Author: Derek "Afterglow" MacDonald
Description: A collection of six deathmatch-only levels, ranging from tiny and annoying to large and tedious.
Credits: Testing on MAP02 by Guyang "arioch" Mao, Jonathan "Jon_R" Rimmer, and Michael "Cyb" Watson. Feel free to blame them for any playability issues. The other maps weren't tested. 0h gn0s! Also, a shout out to the #doom massive.
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Awesome architecture, these maps really makes the Darkening E2 texture shine! Can't say much about the gameplay as I don't really play DM these days. 5/5 from me. - Jan Van der Vekenx
So good I'm running a dm server with it! (Skulltag - winserv.mancubus.net:10774)x
Awesome maps. This guy played Quake 3 a lot! -NMNx

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