Title: Frag Factory
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/d-f/ffactory.zip
Size: 302.95 KB
Date: 10/24/05
Author: Stephen Clark (The Ultimate DooMer / LG_T-U-D)
Description: The first-ever ZDaemon 1-on-1 map designed for newschool play. It's a factory with crates, pipes and a raised office. I've gone for all-new graphics and sounds as well as the layout to create something that looks, feels and plays different to normal 1-on-1. Freelook, jumping and PWO/neverswitch are strongly recommended here, play without them and you'll have a disadvantage.
Credits: Kilgore, for creating and spearheading the newschool 1-on-1 concept, let's hope this map is the beginning of a new and popular game mode. Also to Samiam for creating the newschool 1-on-1 tourneys to kick things off and to the Godfather for the servers.

Nick Baker for the metal and pipe textures used in this map.

Poignant, Englander, Exl, Foxxy, Pritch, HumanBones and Kilgore for testing.
Base: My creative mind.
Build time: 1 week (plus all the distractions).
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor, DeePsea, XWE, ZDBSP, Paint, PSP, OggDrop XPd (Ogg Vorbis), Doom Builder.
Bugs: None. (apart from those in ZDaemon like the rocket splash damage bug)
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a prity good dethmach map the only thing i didint like about it was that the pipe graphic was kinda ugly 3/5x

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