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Just As Christ Teaches, Orange Rules You
Duel map originally meant for a cyber-duel, but quickly realized it's potential for multiplayer. First ever duel map! And /idgames upload :o Music is altazimuth.mid by myself doesn't run in prboom for unknown reasons but it's designed for zandro ...Date:08/10/14
Size:145.51 KB

Jail DeathMatch 1
A jail-like deathmatch level....Date:05/09/01
Size:39.91 KB
Author:Sgt Crispy

This is a 10 sector DM wad, my little contribution to the editing contest....Date:01/05/05
Size:13.31 KB
Author:Ivar "jallamann" Remy

Jebus Duel
A simple 1 map wad intended for 1 v 1 Battles, preferably on Skulltag. Can run on any source port because its built off the Boom mapping Config. =]...Date:09/07/07
Size:18.46 KB
Author:Tom "Siliconwolf" Lelli

Jumping Jack Flash
My first try for a DM level (and the first published try at all!). It is small but has some obstacles ("Jumpin'") and many many teleports ("Flash") that teleport in a different way if you enter them in a different way. I designed the level with exten...Date:12/28/00
Size:114.29 KB

JLabs (AKA, "Joe's Labs")
About a year or two ago, I began working on a co-op wad that I was not too happy with. At one point, I got the brainy idea of modifying MAP01 from my wad and turning it into a Death Match version, with revamped architecture and improved flow. The res...Date:05/31/07
Size:274.44 KB
Author:Joseph "G.Ballblue" Breeden

This is a DM level designed for 1-on-1 duels, inspired by Judas23. WARNING: The new background music is a .MIDI file, so you'll listen to it only if you use a port that can play it, such as ZDoom-based ports (ZDoom, GZDoom, ZDaemon...)....Date:09/18/08
Size:26.46 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

Killing Ground
Pontclan clan deathmatch map, for practices, clanmatches, & the like. There is no exit. People will whine. What the Hell for? You got me....Date:12/16/98
Size:85.34 KB
Author:Jacob "Asyl" Pipkin

Doomkid's Duelzones!
Here we have 7 duel maps which I've worked very hard on perfecting. I know it's a bit less than my previous releases, but the lesson here is quality over quantity! The texturing is cleaner than my old stuff, but more importantly, the item and weapon ...Date:07/11/15
Size:857.07 KB
Author:Doomkid [Adam P.]

Size:152.8 KB
Author:Kim Vidal

Brutal Deluxe
Size:47.93 KB
Author:Kim Vidal

Electric Eye
Size:228.68 KB
Author:Kim Vidal

Dark City Oblivion
Size:195.86 KB
Author:Kim Vidal

A great looking level, really fun to play it with friends. I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:115.09 KB

Castle Kriegsmesser v1.1
Castle Kriegsmesser is a multiplayer deathmatch/CTF map, set around the Wolfenstein setting....Date:08/07/18
Size:4.5 MB

Lava Pit DeathMatch
This is also a small map around 'lilipads' and 'flowers' since the rings are the 'lilipads' and the towers are the 'flowers' while the lava is the 'water', so to speak. Safe spots and Rad Suits are provided yet also playing with Dropped Weapons and...Date:11/05/15
Size:23.97 KB

LDF clan wad
doom 2 wad, duke it out...Date:03/23/05
Size:768.27 KB

LDF Headquarters
watch a novie!, have a drink enjoy...Date:03/24/05
Size:416.78 KB

Sure Shot
Tight outdoor battle area, well connected to higher walkways. Atrium style with bridge across level....Date:10/26/04
Size:30 KB
Author:Lee Szymanski

Legacy Tag
This is a modified version of deathmatch where you have no weapons and have to play tag. A random play will be chosen at start to be "it". that player has 30 seconds to tag another player or he dies. You lose frags for getting tagged or dying....Date:08/02/03
Size:48.06 KB

L E I T H 2
Designed for Deathmatch but also fun in single player Smallish urban style level. Watch the windows....Date:11/02/01
Size:163.8 KB
Author:ANDY MCKIE aka mystic

Like a Hole
I've started continuing with this map weeks ago, so here it is. Expect random detail....Date:05/31/05
Size:1006.88 KB
Author:Juan "JacKThERiPPeR" Arroyo

Four Boom enhanced, Quake 2 inspired DM maps. I say Q2 inspired because of the damage sectors, although there aren't any death traps. Not a lot of convayers like in Reclimation(there are two, but they don't mess with gameplay). The maps are focused m...Date:03/06/99
Size:585.06 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

Lost FragFest Arena
One DM level to fulfill your fragging desires that was lacking in FFi because it didn't have the promised 12th level (I hope not!)...Date:07/12/99
Size:413.44 KB
Author:Parallel Team

Lunar Outpost
Legacy DM map that uses 3d floors, and pleny of other legacy features. Designed for OpenGL, software render will crash. It may appear really dark on some setups, so just hit F11 until it feels right....Date:03/17/05
Size:185 KB

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