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This is what is believed to be the first HQ ever made for a ZDaemon clan. The idea of just having fun on a map without killing was the initial inspiration. A clan evolved and the HQ was born. It was basically our version of a doom paradise for the cl...Date:04/14/05
Size:1.38 MB
Author:co-created by julz_d & Cybershark with contributions from m0rgZ & Dark Linux

---> RUNS WITH CC4 TEXTURES (id=16911) A quick Boom compatible duel map. It's another little techbase built into a cavern....Date:06/26/13
Size:46.32 KB

MancerXX v1.0
In short: Having recently rediscovered how great Doom 2 DM still is I've decided to remake some of my ooold Doom 2 maps from 1995/1996 for the fun of it. They stay fairly true to the original layouts while adding plenty of new elements and gameplay o...Date:08/31/07
Size:747.41 KB
Author:C. Savage

Manly Confrontation
The world's most manly and virile, battleworthy Doom marines decide to sort it out man-2-man in a specially constructed UAC arena....Date:12/21/06
Size:57.74 KB

Marble Deathmatch
Outdoorsy deathmatch arena with a marble theme, all weapons present except BFG (you'll have to look for the plasma gun...). This is an adaption of a wad I designed a while back (about the same time as rockydm.wad, released last week). I revamped a fe...Date:12/19/02
Size:33 KB

After years of building, this megawad comes to show the encounter of these two great games: Doom e Super Mario. This conversion includes lots of new sprites, textures, musics, sounds and everything else(You will need zdoom). These maps were design...Date:02/20/07
Size:1.15 MB
Author:KERSEY (

Small, E1 style DM level.. please excuse the lack of detail.. I built it in only 7 days....Date:04/27/03
Size:2.81 MB
Author:Ed Cripps

Small, E1 style DM level.. please excuse the lack of detail.. I built it in only 7 days. This is the 56k version.. for you stubborn bastards that refuse to upgrade....Date:05/09/03
Size:176.72 KB
Author:Ed Cripps

Maximum Breakdown
Small level, it was the start of a single player 11 level episode but it turns out that it's an awesome DM map....Date:11/27/99
Size:267.38 KB
Author:Brad Spencer

Mountain Deathmatch Notes
a Zdoom ONLY wad, a mountain range with a geo-thermal lake formed at the bottom. Lots of sniper spots, a 3d bridge that can be walked over and under at the same time, underwater affect with the BOOM hight transfer tag and a colored lighting scr...Date:05/19/99
Size:29.31 KB
Author:(Violent) Ed Cripps

Mountain Deathmatch 3
Well, I had some free time after work and decided to break out Wadauthor. Its basically a castle built into a mountain side. Large hunting level. A few effects thrown in there for kicks. No heavy scripting. Took me about 3 weeks to finish, ...Date:04/27/00
Size:690.88 KB

Mountain Deathmatch 4: Gusher
Brick and metal, very bloody :) Zdoom Only.....Date:11/29/00
Size:541.36 KB
Author:Ed Cripps aka: Waded/ViolentEd

MDM5: UAC Loading Dock
Size:705.58 KB
Author:Ed Cripps (ViolentEd)

MDM6: Shut Down
Size:490.17 KB

Size:6.39 MB
Author:Ed Cripps

10 maps for DeathMatch...Date:03/21/08
Size:2.5 MB

While doing my second match on Judas23 during the first season of the STDL, I decided all of a sudden (more like after I lost rofl) that I wanted to create a Judas-inspired duel map. So that's what I did. The layout took me 30 minutes and the rest (t...Date:05/14/08
Size:212.65 KB
Author:Brett 'Mechadon' Harrell

metaldm (untitled, gave it a name)
originally made for knorticdm, since the project dropped due to my hd failing it, i released what i proclaim the best level that was created for it...Date:04/23/03
Size:43.83 KB
Author:metal (original design) and boris_ (retexturing) released by fyrestorm

A small DM map, very fast paced....Date:04/20/16
Size:10 KB
Author:Born to be Mild

A battle ARENA with rooms and traps....Date:10/05/16
Size:215.53 KB
Author:HdRambo, Eko, Vegence

Mines: Remastered
Mines: Remastered is a dark and icy mining structured facility that focuses primarily on deathmatch play with up to 4 or more players. Some of the many new features in this new remaster includes: Sloped sectors, real dynamic lighting effects, 3d floo...Date:07/21/07
Size:1.09 MB
Author:The Solution

Collection of 7 deathmatch levels of mine, all of them made for this collection. Here is a list of levels: Level 1: MODdm1-Welcome Just a little intro level. Has a silver/ metal theme to it. Level 2: Chemical Storage Facility Good sized, very playabl...Date:06/13/04
Size:196.1 KB

My second deathmatch pack. All levels have been made special just for this, exeption map05 wich is a moddm1 map :). I worked hard on these maps trying to make them perfect in both detail and gameplay, especially gameplay. According to the beta tester...Date:08/28/04
Size:265.97 KB
Author:Alex Mowery, aka "MasterOFDeath"

Well, after not working on moddm3 in a LONG freaking time, I looked at it and decided that out of 3.2349 maps, I only liked 1. I kept map02, scrapped map04, but I liked map01 and map03 so much I decided to release them standalone. Please do not take ...Date:02/09/05
Size:60.6 KB

MasterOFDeath's Deathmatch Base
a simple Legacy DM level, has a brownish/greenish theme to it. Not too small, and not too big. Nice look to it....Date:05/24/04
Size:17.75 KB

Cooperatively kill cybers with your fists or chainsaws. It's more playable than it sounds. It's definately a riot with three or more players....Date:08/07/01
Size:19.25 KB
Author:Mike Fredericks

Mechanical Pain
This is a Doom2 conversion of my Unreal map of the same name. You need an enhanced version of Doom for this map. You can get the Unreal version at PCGamers Web Site....Date:04/06/99
Size:116.96 KB
Author:Rick Clark

1-5 player a single "3D FLOORS" map for DM play USING THE LATEST VERSION OF DOOM2.WAD and DOOM LEGACY with SOFTWARE ,3DFX or GL modes.....Date:01/14/02
Size:399.88 KB
Author:-=MR.ROCKET> - aka - Ron Goode :)

1-5 player a single "3D FLOORS" map for DM or co-op play "preferably DM", USING THE LATEST VERSION OF DOOM2.WAD and DOOMLEGACY with SOFTWARE ,3DFX or GL modes.....Date:06/13/08
Size:352.9 KB
Author:-=MR.ROCKET> - aka - Ron Goode :)

My Computer DM
A Deathmatch map on my computer...Date:04/16/06
Size:64 KB
Author:Jonathan "Jon" Rimmer

Mythical Dugneon
Small DM Wad...Date:03/15/04
Size:148.27 KB

Mythical Terrain
Small DM Wad...Date:02/22/04
Size:15.63 KB

Ok it's not really a DEMO per-say, it's 3 maps, Deathmatch onlys.. A taste of what's to come of Mega5 so stay tuned for that. ;)...Date:06/07/09
Size:650.67 KB

Napalm Deathmatches
A great Deathmatch level entitled Temple of Small Demons, preatty detailed with a brick/metal theme with a bit of marble thrown in. There are two more levels which are a bit older but still good. Also this wad includes all the Doom 1 textures which w...Date:07/18/01
Size:368.44 KB
Author:Captain Napalm

Made this for a little deathmatch fun with a friend. Doom2.exe shows HOM so (unless you enjoy it) it's not recommended to run with it....Date:07/26/02
Size:31.33 KB

Morbid DM 01 Edgecrusher (v1.01)
The first in the "Morbid DM" series, featuring all new textures. This level is heavily inspired by Q2DM1: The Edge, and is rather frantic, so anything more than four players is not recommended. There's only four starts anyway. It's not "mega deta...Date:09/25/04
Size:453.99 KB
Author:Nick Baker, aka NiGHTMARE

Morbid DM 02 Flood Dead
The second in the "Morbid DM" series, featuring all new textures. No prizes for guessing what DM add-on inspired this level :) FFi was a great set of maps, and I guess you can consider this to be a "tribute". Nick made the northwestern room, the ...Date:09/25/04
Size:851.88 KB
Author:Nick Baker, aka NiGHTMARE Derek MacDonald, aka Afterglow

Night DeathMatch 2
This is a DeathMatch only level. You need ZdooM to play it. Hehe, hit the button that says "Launch" to fry everybody in the weapons pit....Date:07/12/99
Size:52.37 KB
Author:The VooDoo Master AKA J.D. Spindler jr.

A deathmatch map with custom textures. Since there's been quite a hiatus in the middle of finishing this map, I've included the map as it was when I left it (~2000) in "unreal6.wad". I fixed a single medusa bug so that the map can be played in port...Date:07/17/19
Size:453.65 KB
Author:Jonathan Dowland

NesDeath II
Another 7 levels of pure deathmatchness by your SSG-wielding warrior, Nestea. This time, all the music are provided by LurkerHunter (yea, it's all original). Also new is a MAPINFO lump... which means that ZDOOM (and anything built off of it) players ...Date:02/27/04
Size:492.9 KB

Odamex Nitro Deathmatch
A set of maps made specifically for an Odamex Saturday Nitro session. The first of many such compilation wads....Date:08/14/12
Size:714.9 KB
Author:Decay, Killingblair, Dark-Karasu, Doomguy666, Blarget2, Spaztacus, Dusk, Majik, Shane, Dragonsbrethr

This Wad is one of my best Wads! A great looking level, really fun to play it with friends. I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:199.68 KB

It's just a tourney-style level, with some curves, and very quickly done. It is nice for tourneys, 1-on-1's and it's paraphernalia. Enjoy....Date:01/27/06
Size:10.35 KB
Author:Juan Manuel "JacKThERiPPeR" Arroyo

No Man's Land
Journey into the center of the earth, into No Man's Land, a.k.a. Hell, a.k.a No Man's Land. First level and quite linear..but what the Hell!! :)...Date:03/16/10
Size:140.26 KB
Author:Kevin Hamula

No One Lives Forever!
Consists of a building and an outside area. Inside the building is a 4 story killing ground that makes use of slopes and 3D floors. Run outside to get some health and prepare to get back in the action. Contains all weapons excpet the BFG. As sta...Date:12/12/16
Size:39.68 KB
Author:El Tupi

No Name 3d
Tech style small sized deathmatch wad....Date:08/25/01
Size:89.01 KB
Author:Alastair Montgomery

A small arena for deathmatch...Date:01/04/04
Size:17.49 KB

Nuke Canyon
Barren world full of sand, rocks and canyons. Do not jump in this map. It's not designed that you can jump. Though jumping does not ruin gameplay... but just allows you to get to some places faster....Date:03/03/04
Size:247.59 KB

Nuke Processing Facility
It's a dark nuke processing facility....Date:01/05/05
Size:23.21 KB

Octagon Arena
An eight-sided play arena with eight respawns. There are also observation rooms....Date:01/30/01
Size:29.24 KB

Ohgr's Doom (2004)
Size:1010.36 KB
Author:Charles Laird "cyanide-x"

Onslaught Reborn Teaser
First test level from a new upcoming deathmatch megawad from Team Onslaught. Version 0.9...Date:10/16/05
Size:292.61 KB
Author:Luke 'Spike' Cama

This is my first map in about 6 months. This is also my first deathmatch map. It is simple. I put it together for a LAN party. A main building in the middle with platforms and ramps surrounding an outside area. No BFG. Plasma rifle and Rocket Launche...Date:05/31/06
Size:12.65 KB
Author:Jacob H. Orloff

Open Spaces
An outdoor deathmatch map with water area, catacombs, towers... There are some scripting tricks like bombs and death-pits and also 3d floors here and there playing a cool role....Date:04/13/04
Size:79.35 KB
Author:The Marlboro Man.

A great looking level, really fun to play it with friends. I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:84.96 KB

Osama bin Ladin...with funny death scene....Date:03/24/08
Size:52.18 KB

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