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1 star deathmatch
35 punky maps for deathmatch....Date:03/29/15
Size:723.4 KB
Author:Ilya "Joe" Lazarev

Sometimes the best things are simple. Sometimes they are complicated. Whatever they are, it is sometimes important to return to basics. Thus, this. A 37-map megawad, where no map uses more than two sectors. This is inspired partially by the remarka...Date:08/07/06
Size:1.83 MB
Author:Adereth (ed.) et al.

32in24-17: 3 Flags 3 Furious
Size:11.27 MB
Author:The 32in24 Team!

Check it out, more 32in24 goodness! This time the usual gang of idiots (and then some) take on the arena of 1-on-1 maps, where many epic maps that stand the test of time such as MAP01 and D5M1 are known to be found. Here, have a map list, it's free o...Date:08/26/07
Size:1.29 MB
Author:The 32in24 team!

More 32in24, MAN WE JUST CAN'T STOP SHITTING OUT LEVELS FROM our assholes! In this installment we take on the unbreakable pillars of zdctfmp and zdctfmp2 and produce a mapset that is clearly superior than zdctfmp3 and done in less time to boot! Not o...Date:09/05/07
Size:1.87 MB
Author:The 32in24 team!

32 in 24 5
Another FFA 32in24, except with a unique app- roach: one person creates a layout, and another mapper focuses on detailing the layout heavily and overall refining the map to perfection. All layouts were completed in 24 hours, within 48 hours almost al...Date:10/04/07
Size:3.63 MB
Author:The 32in24 team!

32 in 24 6
Oldschool 32in24, with essentially the same rules as the original. A PUMP UP to refresh YEDS....Date:03/08/08
Size:2.01 MB
Author:The 32in24 team!

32in24 7: Return of the Night of Capture the Flag
High detail playtested non buggy CTF maps for all CTF supported ports provided for the US Military for training for the Nicaraguan Contras in conjunction with the CIA to promote freedom and low oil/cocaine prices for all Americans. map01 - Fear and...Date:08/05/08
Size:11.24 MB
Author:The 32in24 team!

32in24 8: DWANGO2008
Blatant ripoffs of Doom 1 and 2 levels, switched from SP to DM. Maps designed on 12/31/2008. "PLAY THE ORIGINAL 33 DOOM LEVELS THAT INSPIRED ID SOFTWARE'S DOOM 1 AND 2 COMMERCIAL VIDEO GAMES, ORIGINALLY DESIGNED FOR TRAINING SOLDIERS IN IRAQ FOR DESE...Date:01/05/09
Size:1.72 MB
Author:The 32in24 team!

32in24-9: Return of DUEL CORE
A gargantuan collection of 32^H^H45 smashing levels, all created in less than 24 hours on December 20, 2009, centered upon the art of mortal combat between two well-armed individuals. Or, as simpletons would call it, the "duel." The Yeoman Engineers ...Date:12/25/09
Size:1.8 MB
Author:The 32in24 Team!

32 in 24
A FFA megawad done entirely on 06/17/2007 with only 30 minutes notice by some bored people on and some guys from Doomworld. We accepted maps from midnight to the next midnight. It was good....Date:06/27/07
Size:913.46 KB
Author:32in24 team, see individual maps

"In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as s...Date:11/01/10
Size:2.32 MB
Author:The 32in24 Team!

32in24-11: Occupy Doomworld
Welcome, all, to the eleventh iteration of 32in24, brought to you by YEDS! This time, we've gone for 8-player free-for-all, but with a twist! After finishing our levels, we spent a full week on playtesting, including a full session on Odamex Nitro! W...Date:11/04/11
Size:7.84 MB
Author:The 32in24 Team!

32in24-12: IRON MAPPER
"In 1974 a crack commando unit was sent to prison again for another crime that they seriously didn't commit only this time they were sent to Japan to participate in a terrible cooking themed mapping game show for the ultimate prize: burgers designed ...Date:08/28/12
Size:7.5 MB
Author:The 32in24 Team!

32in24-13: A Thanksgiving without Burgers
"The year is 2007. Dimmy Waywes' Bickabedia Fownndown is in hot water, and it's up to the legendary Yeoman Engineers and Designers of Software to save them the only way they know how. With the power of soul food. Everything was set. The banquet was...Date:12/16/13
Size:4.85 MB
Author:The 32in24 Team!

32in24-15: DWANGO Unchained
The Yeoman Engineers and Designers of Software (YEDS) are proud to present the YEDS Free-For-All Theater. With its comfortable leather seats and wide-open spaces, it is designed to bring you the latest and greatest in "free-for-all" cinema. While you...Date:01/23/16
Size:6.8 MB
Author:The 32in24 Team!

32in24-16: DOOT CTF
The Yeoman Engineers and Designers of Software (YEDS) rise from their graves to present you DOOT CTF! Formed into existence through a magical ritual of skeletal trumpeters, DOOT CTF brings you 34 of the finest Capture the Flag maps ever constructed i...Date:10/27/17
Size:10.62 MB
Author:The 32in24 Team!

Aeon Deathmatch
33 maps suitable for Team/Last Man Standing...Date:12/12/16
Size:84.57 MB
Author:Argentum, Combinebobnt, Decay, Dranzer, Dynamo, Grymmoire, HeavenWraith, IvanDobrovski, Jdagenet, Ra

Yak, Victar && Const Hints below Const Other wad stuff agahz team...Date:11/07/09
Size:3.26 MB

Alando Deathmatch arena
Large set of non-stop fun deathmatch levels with optional bot addon. Comes complete with new weapons as well....Date:09/22/09
Size:19.57 MB
Author:Alando1 (Alan)

After scrapping my first single-player megawad project, Catastrophe, I decided to create deathmatch wad with 20 maps, using the resources made for Catastrophe. This map contains lots of blue texture, so it's not recommended to player who has cyanopho...Date:04/26/15
Size:4.12 MB

Countergoat Initiative
CGI1 is a dueling mapset with 30 standard maps, four gimmick maps, and a hub (Zandronum only). They have been crafted and finely tuned by the best of the best in the Countergoat cause. MAP01: Donut De-Livers by TheMionicDonut music: midi of Virtua...Date:09/10/15
Size:7.26 MB
Author:Team Countergoat Initiative

Crucified Dreams
41 Doom II deathmatch-only maps for Boom-compatible engines, in the spirit of the Gothic Deathmatches series. Respect....Date:06/25/06
Size:9.09 MB
Author:various authors

Deathmatch Revival: 35 Cross Compatible Maps By The Doom Community
Deathmatch Revival (DMR_2014.wad) was started sometime back in March of 2013 by Doomkid92 from the Doomworld forums. Since July of 2013, management position was handed off to Joe Pallai and then to me (DG93) in early December. The DMR team crafte...Date:03/31/14
Size:2.93 MB
Author:DG93, Doomkid, & Joe Pallai

The Works of DOMiNiON
Here we have the works of DOMiNiON - you will no doubt recognise most of these works, however most have been tweaked and\or updated in one way or another. There are 15 maps by DOMiNiON (MAP01-15) and the final 2 maps are by Lord_Rahl under the guidan...Date:12/06/05
Size:1023.82 KB
Author:DOMiNiON, Lord_Rahl for the maps & 0gami for throwing it all together and the .txt :)

"Durango" is a wad inspired by Dwango deathmatch series wad. It has some funny references but is completely deathmacth playable. Made by a hispanic community from Argentina, Colombia, Spain, etc. The wad is meant to be played in ffa via Zdaemon in ...Date:08/06/23
Size:1.89 MB
Author:Downcologo, DevilMyEyes, Cutman999, Alt3000, Zaidrune, QQ_Zombie_QQ, Cyberdoomguy, Hunted11,

DWANGO: 21st Anniversary
Happy 21st Anniversary! DWANGO is now officially old enough to buy booze. Due to the popularity of the Dwango 20th anniversary mappack (DWANGO20.wad), I've decided to start up a project with a similar but slightly different vision. Last year, we gave...Date:12/31/15
Size:2.08 MB
Author:Doomkid, Cpt. Toenail, the_miano, Deathtrap, NoneeLlama, Joe-Ilya, Inkie, BloodyAcid, Fred512, Chris

FastDM is a fast paced, 33 level deathmatch megawad. See the included text file for more information....Date:08/14/14
Size:1.07 MB

FrasL v17.0
An assortment of levels by two people made from 5/1998 on. Although some levels have a story arc, for the most part, each level has its own theme. See end of text file for details on each map....Date:03/02/02
Size:1.22 MB
Author:"Paul O'Neill", Jerry P.

A collection of varied deathmatch duel arenas. Most levels are small in size. Many maps would also be great for up to 4 player FFA. This is a collection of 32 boom compatible levels that use Otex1.1. These levels are intended to be played with respaw...Date:06/26/21
Size:2.85 MB
Author:Arrowhead [Colton Murchison]

FRONGO: The Realms of Deathmatch (Version 2.2)
FRONGO is a 32-Map Deathmatch wad created by friends MannerKing and Burktross. They were inspired to make this megawad after playing the DWANGO wads together with another friend. With an appreciation for the old map design and a burning passion in th...Date:01/27/24
Size:1.96 MB
Author:MannerKing and Burktross

Godless: Megawad (for ZDOOM)
We like 3-4 player fragfests, fast and furious. We like DWELLER and DANZIG and KANDY and GAZZARRI (with a little MANCER and AE_TUPS thrown in to keep things lively). If you're feelin' us, then feel these maps. They range from crazy and fast to seek a...Date:08/02/04
Size:908.83 KB
Author:Chris Bilski and Blain Newport

Greenwar II
Greenwar II is the sequel to the highly-acclaimed deathmatch megawad Greenwar! The project followed the similar method of past 32in24 projects; have one team make bare layouts and then have another team detail those layouts. However in this case, all...Date:11/29/09
Size:8.65 MB
Author:32in24 Team/Hellbent

pack de mapas dm para zdaemon...Date:06/05/09
Size:531.14 KB

Just Doom It! XE
JDIT is back! Now totaling 30 maps, plus all of the original classics, remapped with better detail and playability. DM in all new unique environments, such as Hell House, Tropical Frag Fest, Change-Up, and Fortress. So what are you waiting for? Just ...Date:03/23/05
Size:1.92 MB
Author:Jules "julz_d" Spindler

Mega5 Deathmatch series!
Mega5 is an Old Skool style Deathmatch Mega wad made for the Doom II game, and just about any Doom source engine. Includes 22 deathmatch maps!...Date:04/14/10
Size:6.88 MB
Author:Various ~ See ( MEGA5 is ) below. Compiled by Mr.Rocket aka Ron Goode

The Nutty Wad
It all began in July 2004 after I (Milian) played a really stupid map somewhere on ZDaemon. I imagined a wad full of silly maps and started with the work. Everything you shouldn't do in a deatmatch map is done here, like maps where you're unable to m...Date:05/31/05
Size:3.05 MB
Author:Milian & Cybershark

Obsidian Deathmatch
A compilation of old-school style deathmatch maps by Tempest with contributions by Jroc, Proteh, and tm512....Date:03/12/12
Size:807.29 KB

Onslaught DM 3 (v.1.1)
21 head to head deathmatch maps with faced paced action. This is a 1on1 specific mapset. For FFA more than 4 players is not recommended....Date:01/25/07
Size:2.26 MB
Author:Hobomaster22, Ak-01

Paul's Deathmatch
32 Deathmatch levels of different themes for Boom Compatible ports with original music. Each level features 8 DM starts (except for MAP07), all weapons, backpacks and invisibility. Some maps are rather symmetrical. This is my first and probably only ...Date:09/22/11
Size:1.51 MB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (pcorf)

Progressive Duel 2
16 maps suitable for duel...Date:02/10/18
Size:36.66 MB
Author:Decay, Dranzer, Ivan(Avernus), Razgriz(Strangle), Ru5tK1ng

Seidolon's Deathmatch Megapack
Deathmatch mapset started in the very beginning of 2017. Enjoy it or DIE! If you wanna make some maps for my next deathmatch project, contact me. All levels made by Seidolon. You can call this wad SDM or Seideath for short....Date:07/09/17
Size:545.37 KB
Author:Peter Hunt (Seidolon)

Superfast Mapping: Deathmatch Edition
The sequel to Superfast DUEL Speedmaps. A wad that was the result of a speed-mapping compilation on the Zandronum Forums in the late summer and early autumn of 2013. As the title suggests, this map pack is made with deathmatch in mind, but with suppo...Date:08/18/14
Size:2.16 MB
Author:Combinebobnt and Argentum

Superfast Mapping: Domination Edition
The fourth installment in the Superfast mapping series. Meant for the domination gamemode on zandronum where players fight for control over several points, although deathmatch will work as well. Each of the 32 maps were made in 1 hour and 9 minutes. ...Date:01/05/17
Size:15.79 MB
Author:Combinebobnt, Argentum, Dranzer, [IFOC]75, Razgriz/Strangle, Gustavo6046 Free-For-All map pack
Deathmatch only. Designed for ZDaemon....Date:09/18/07
Size:7.62 MB
Author:Wladimir Flores Free-For-All map pack 2nd edition
Deathmatch only. Designed for ZDaemon. Skulltag works, but some maps just don't work/look right. You've been warned....Date:07/27/08
Size:11.38 MB
Author:Wladimir Flores

Smart CTF 2
16 CTF maps for competitive and casual/fun play...Date:11/28/21
Size:12.19 MB
Author:Luis Armacanqui (aka "Chain" / "Chaindude")

Sabbat Martyr Deathmatch
Size:14.08 MB
Author:Lead by Brett "Mechadon" Harrell. See "Credits" for contributors.

Surge DM II (v2.1)
The sequel to the acclaimed Surge DM. Not just small, fast paced levels this time though. And not gothic either. Techno style 0wnz j00r ll4m4 455! No vanilla doom2.exe this time. Use a Boom compatible port such as ZDaemon, Boom, MBF, SMMU, ZDoom, C...Date:09/25/04
Size:2.06 MB
Author:Nick "NiGHTMARE" Baker ( Daniel Baker ( Paul "Moe" Fleschute (mo

UPDATE HISTORY ------------------------- 31.August.2018 [Version: 1.01] - Fixed a texture alignment issue in MAP01 (Acerbus) that occurs in GZDoom [version: 3.5.x]. 17.September.2016 [Version: 1.0] - Original release MAPS -----------------------...Date:09/18/16
Size:13.97 MB
Author:Nicholas "Tiger" Gautier

Ultimate CTF (final version)
A fresh change to Zdctfmp, we present you with "Ultimate CTF". This new 33 set level was created and compiled by Zdaemon's best mappers, to bring you the Ultimate set of CTF maps... Enjoy!...Date:03/13/05
Size:4.36 MB
Author:IZM, Danny, T.U.D, Meph, 999Cop and Exl (see automap or intermission to see who made which level).

Unidoom Deathmatch X
32 of the best, most well-tested classic deathmatch maps ever produced....Date:12/31/08
Size:6.48 MB
Author:Clan Unidoom

Uptight Deathmatch
A celebration of years of doom deathmatch, each map tries to create a different flair than the last...Date:03/24/18
Size:5.82 MB
Author:Shane aka TheFatWilly

A 24-Map MegaWAD featuring several mappers from the U.S. Quake Community....Date:08/21/20
Size:14.39 MB
Author:Zillah, and the other mappers listed below.

Velocity CTF X
The expansion of Velocity CTF: 32 maps of high-speed action-packed Capture the Flag maps by various individuals of the Mechanix Union. Map list: MAP01 - Rotated Infinity by Dusk MAP02 - Crypts of Eternity by Decay MAP03 - and Hell Captured by Du...Date:11/18/12
Size:7.02 MB
Author:The Mechanix Union

Vesper Community Deathmatch
A set of community deathmatch maps designed for use with Xaser's Vesper weapons....Date:08/16/23
Size:9.94 MB
Author:Doom Central Community.

Vignettes of Deathmatch
Deathmatch wad using old school structuring and details but designed entirely to allow for new school play and just about any type of modification. Contains a lot of custom made textures made from myself....Date:02/01/23
Size:2.23 MB

An overhaul of my DM megawad, Z-Arena. Contains a few new maps....Date:11/30/08
Size:5.53 MB
Author:David "Dave" Billing

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