Title: 32in24 III: DUEL CORE
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/megawads/32in24-3.zip
Size: 1.29 MB
Date: 08/26/07
Author: The 32in24 team!
Description: Check it out, more 32in24 goodness! This time the usual gang of idiots (and then some) take on the arena of 1-on-1 maps, where many epic maps that stand the test of time such as MAP01 and D5M1 are known to be found. Here, have a map list, it's free of charge:

map01 - Ye Olde Jousting Fields by Shaikoten map02 - Meltphace 6 by Esselfortium map03 - Mandatory UAC base map by GhoulSlayeR map04 - Mierda Veinte Ehksty Siete by Nuxius map05 - Bricks and Blood by GhoulSlayer map06 - Generic 1-on-1 Map by deathz0r map07 - DEVA STATION by Kristian Aro map08 - Leg Fat by The Cupboard map09 - The Devil's Moist Hideout by RottKing map10 - Here's my level by roaketes map11 - Brown Washed by GhoulSlayer map12 - Shores of Dinner by Zap610 map13 - Lockjaw Dreams by Esselfortium map14 - Fallen Grace Manor by Lazureus map15 - I Can Beat You On This Map by Nautilus map16 - Rip and Hair by Shaikoten/Esselfortium map17 - Just Another Damn Filler Map by deathz0r map18 - Vineyard Bloodbath by Lazureus map19 - You Can Hide, But You Can't Fucking Run! by Nautilus map20 - Hitler's Pit of Insane Vengeance by RottKing map21 - It's a dark marble hell map by Zap610 map22 - The Demons Alcove by Macro11_1 map23 - Crapshoot by Esselfortium map24 - Silent Madness by Zap610 map25 - Kass duel tower by lupinx-Kassman map26 - Desperate Attempt To Fill 32 Map Slots by deathz0r map27 - Whatever the fuck I want by Paceytron map28 - Tapioca Frank's Dwango 12 Camp Festival by Nautilus map29 - Yodel up my Ass by doom2day map30 - Orangutang Conspiracy by Tango map31 - Tusken by Mechadon map32 - The Brown Place by Catoptromancy

The last version I uploaded was riddled with node errors that made a good portion of the maps crash in ZDaemon. I think it may have been my fault, so sorry for that!
Credits: Everyone who made maps that sucked too much to be in this WAD. Relax though, we'll be releasing a special "overflow" edition compromising of rejected maps from 32in24 and 32in24 III!

SargeBaldy for d1gfxd2.wad
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 24 hours
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, SLADE, WadAuthor, SLumpEd
Bugs: Bugs? These maps were thoroughly tested and I can assure you there are absolutely no bugs whatsoever! You'd have to be crazy if you believed that such things were in these finely crafted masterpieces.
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