Title: 32in24 IV: CAPTURE THE FAG
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/megawads/32in24-4.zip
Size: 1.87 MB
Date: 09/05/07
Author: The 32in24 team!
Description: More 32in24, MAN WE JUST CAN'T STOP SHITTING OUT LEVELS FROM our assholes! In this installment we take on the unbreakable pillars of zdctfmp and zdctfmp2 and produce a mapset that is clearly superior than zdctfmp3 and done in less time to boot! Not only that, but you can play them in Odamex, ZDaemon and Skulltag! So what's on the menu today?

map01 - Deliverance by Esselfortium map02 - Cassholes by leileilol map03 - Teleflag by LEGEND map04 - Bricks, yes bricks this time, lots of bricks(brown bricks) by Catoptromancy map05 - Knuckle Bombah by Nes map06 - No Volition by Mechadon map07 - RedvsBlue by _MethoD_ map08 - Whoa! A Highly Advanced CTF Map by deathz0r map09 - Generic Gray by Meph map10 - Toxic by GhoulSlayeR map11 - Industrial Playground by Goatface map12 - Jesus saves...AND SCORES! by Killingblair map13 - Azathoth's Decayed Base of Boppin' by RottKing map14 - Nazigothitorium by Lazureus map15 - Cave by _MethoD_ map16 - Nyarlathotep's Evil Manse of Destruction by RottKing map17 - Buntaluffigus by mid map18 - Skyscraper CTF by Esselfortium map19 - Mt. Awesome by Nes map20 - The BIGBRIK Experience by Revenant map21 - Obligatory Power Plant by Icarus map22 - Your Clan Sucks on This Map by Nautilus map23 - Wheelchair Inaccessible by Tuomio map24 - Kass Fortress part 2: NOT A DUEL TOWER by lupinx-Kassman map25 - Ernesto Attends Camp by Shaikoten map26 - Too Much Marble by ClonedPickle map27 - Castle of Eternal Essels in the Sky by Esselfortium map28 - Pretty Poly by Cybershark map29 - Two Holds Barred by Bucket map30 - Cap Dat Shit by GhoulSlayeR map31 - Mountain Zero by Tango map32 - Kitten Factory by Esselfortium
Credits: The following people who wasted my time fixing their retarded errors

Nautilus, Tango, Kassman, GhoulSlayeR and Revenant for not reading the rules stating that you had to put in a player 1 start and a deathmatch start! I don't think I need to point out how stupid that was.

MethoD, Lazureus, essel, Revenant, Icarus, Kassman, Bucket and Tango for all placing 3D mode starts in their maps! Great job in testing your map in all compatible ports.

Bucket and Tuomio for setting every goddamn item to multiplayer only! THIS SHITS ME A LOT SO STOP DOING IT FOR FUCKS SAKE

Esselfortium for compiling the textures he stole from Toke, NiGHTMARE, SargeBaldy, and anyone else I forgot. Also thanks Essel for modifying GRAY*, STARTAN*, BROWNGRN, PANEL*, METAL1/FLOOR4_8, and BIGBRIK specifically for 32in24 because he is so dedicated and talented! Also he made the awesome titlepic!

Lazureus for having a massive breakdown and PMS session!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 24 hours
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, SLADE, WadAuthor, XWE
Bugs: Essel and deathz0r fixed most of them, but we couldn't be bothered fixing Kassman's inability to copy and paste a parallel base, so we left his inbalanced map as is. Who knows, maybe it'll be the basis for EXPERT CTF STRATEGY that is currently lacking in competitive Doom!
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