Title: 32in24-9: Return of DUEL CORE
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/megawads/32in24-9.zip
Size: 1.8 MB
Date: 12/25/09
Author: The 32in24 Team!
Description: A gargantuan collection of 32^H^H45 smashing levels, all created in less than 24 hours on December 20, 2009, centered upon the art of mortal combat between two well-armed individuals. Or, as simpletons would call it, the "duel." The Yeoman Engineers and Designers of Software (YEDS) wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The levels in this iteration of the series are:

MAP01: First Attempt by ArmouredBlood MAP02: Checkerboard Nightmare by The Green Herring MAP03: BrickRoll'd by TheMionicDonut MAP04: Time Zones Can Be Rough by Travers Dunne MAP05: 32in24-9 From Outer Space by Walter Confalonieri MAP06: Oh, Well, I Think This Could Be a Tower by Walter Confalonieri MAP07: Slime and Metal by Abyssalstudios1 MAP08: Emphasis by Avery Ross MAP09: Backyard Clash by Keo MAP10: I'm Not Here to Read, I'm Here to Duel! by Philnemba MAP11: Episode 1 Mania by Whoo MAP12: A Small Excavation by AbyssalStudios1 MAP13: Distant Rig by Jimmy91 MAP14: Casual Sewer Playground by Wartorn MAP15: Fondled Memories by ClonedPickle MAP16: Glunky Greasy Sewer by Whoo MAP17: Ain't It Hot Here? by Talvi MAP18: This is a Crappy Map by TheMionicDonut MAP19: The Crucible of Sorrow by 40oz MAP20: Mount Rokfyv by The Green Herring MAP21: Geography Class Warfare by kuchikitaichou MAP22: Pillar of Guts by Whoo MAP23: Poop Processing by Doomsphere MAP24: ORIGWAD.WAD Tribute? by Walter Confalonieri MAP25: Duel of the Red Death by Malinku MAP26: Chez Casa Quesadilla by TheMionicDonut MAP27: PRIMATE HOUSE by Bucket MAP28: Shotgun Therapy by ClonedPickle MAP29: Earthquake Weather by esselfortium and Revenant MAP30: Ashes to Ashes by The Green Herring MAP31: Mountain Foundry by ArmouredBlood MAP32: Vandelay Industries by zap610 MAP33: Hate Processing Bunker by lupinx-Kassman MAP34: Stairway Boogie Woogie by brinks MAP35: Dueling on My Mind by TheMionicDonut MAP36: Isenheiss by AbyssalStudios1 MAP37: This Map Used to Be Detailed by Shaikoten MAP38: Finished My Map by Craigs MAP39: Darn Windows by Forty-Two MAP40: The Bloodening by RottKing MAP41: Lost Research Colony by 40oz MAP42: Yet Another Tech Base by Talvi MAP43: Pit of a Bloody Smile by Philnemba MAP44: Deja Boom by PUNISH3R MAP45: I Chainsaw What You Did There by TheMionicDonut
Credits: esselfortium for running the session, The Green Herring for compiling the WAD, the composers of all the music we shamelessly stole, and everyone who participated!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Less than 24 hours on December 20, 2009, plus five days for compilation and testing
Editor(s) used: Quite likely many, we bet, but Doom Builder 2, Paint Shop Pro 5, CleanWAD and SlumpEd were certainly used during compilation
Bugs: You cannot play any level past MAP32 in Boom. Everyone here at YEDS regrets this.
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