Title: 32in24-15: DWANGO Unchained
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/megawads/32in2415.zip
Size: 6.8 MB
Date: 01/23/16
Author: The 32in24 Team!
Description: The Yeoman Engineers and Designers of Software (YEDS) are proud to present the YEDS Free-For-All Theater. With its comfortable leather seats and wide-open spaces, it is designed to bring you the latest and greatest in "free-for-all" cinema. While you make our acquaintance at our theater, please enjoy our feature presentations:

MAP01: "Dial 'F' for Frag" by Mechadon MAP02: "D_RUNNIN Man" by Marcaek MAP03: "SPACE DAM 5" by Xaser MAP04: "Schwing!" by FuzzballFox and Jimmy MAP05: "Hard Ticket to Hawaii" by esselfortium MAP06: "THE MAY TRICKS" by RottKing MAP07: "Mansion of the Fly" by Obsidian MAP08: "Silent Night, Deadly Fight Part 2" by Marcaek MAP09: "The Pentagon Wars" by The Green Herring MAP10: "Bravefart" by Mechadon MAP11: "The Wadfather Part II" by Wartorn MAP12: "Twat Warts VII: The Farce Awakens" by Dusk MAP13: "The Rocketers Down Under" by RottKing MAP14: "Last DWANGO in Paris" by TheMionicDonut MAP15: "Spaceballs: The Deathmatch Map" by TheMionicDonut MAP16: "DIEHI Another Day" by Marcaek MAP17: "All Frags On the Western Front" by Tarnsman MAP18: "The Thirst Games" by Gothic MAP19: "Mad Map: Fury Roid" by Breezeep MAP20: "No Country for Old Space Marines" by Mechadon MAP21: "GRAYTALL Recall" by Jimmy MAP22: "ROCKY" by Matt Tropiano MAP23: "Road to Perdition's Gate" by Tarnsman MAP24: "Frag After Reading" by The Green Herring MAP25: "A View to a Frag" by Marcaek MAP26: "STARTAN Wars 4: An Old Despair" by Walter Confalonieri MAP27: "Four Weddings and a Fragfest" by Gentlepoke MAP28: "A Clockwork Tomato" by Obsidian MAP29: "Blood Simple" by Walter Confalonieri MAP30: "Behind the Scenes of 'The Room'" by joe-ilya MAP31: "The Last Shellbenders" by CWolfRu MAP32: "BFG to the Future" by Mechadon MAP33: "50 Shades of Gry" by Argentum

But wait, that's not all! Order the Special 32in14-15-Bonus.wad Uncut Edition Ticket and you will earn the chance to see 20 more from our selection at this theater!

MAP34: "The Silver Lining's BLACKWAL" by Getsu Fune MAP35: "DWANGO the Way id Never Would" by Marcaek MAP36: "Casabobca" by Argentum MAP37: "IRON F_SKY1" by Dusk MAP38: "Who Maimed Roger Rabbit?" by TheMionicDonut MAP39: "The 40-Year-Old Lunchable" by Argentum MAP40: "A Bridge to Frag" by Shadow Hog MAP41: "HellRaisins" by Gothic and Wartorn MAP42: "The Color of Money" by joe-ilya MAP43: "Mancubus: The Arm Cannons of Fate/Fat" by Argentum MAP44: "Dead Sonja" by Gentlepoke MAP45: "Rocket Royale" by GregLafitte MAP46: "Alien: Erection" by RottKing MAP47: "Close Encounters of the 69th Kind" by Argentum MAP48: "Chainsaw Wars Ep. 1: The Phantom Killing" by Philnemba MAP49: "The Skeleton Wars" by Dusk MAP50: "The Temple of Doomers" by GregLafitte MAP51: "Dr. Doom and the Riots" by Philnemba MAP52: "The LITE-ing" by nub_hat MAP53: "The Human Zimmerpede" by nub_hat MAP54: "I Know What You Did Last STARTAN2" by nub_hat
Credits: The YEDS Free-For-All Theater is sponsored by the makers of the following films, current and upcoming, for which we have posters in our fine establishment:

Battlefield Mars by Gothic (color-converted by Shadow Hog)

BFG to the Future by Mechadon

Bridge of Pies by Shadow Hog

A Bridge to Frag by Gez (color-converted by Shadow Hog)

Cyberzilla vs. Mechacyberzilla by Mechadon

The Doom by joe-ilya

Dirty Jerry by Wartorn

DWANGO Unchained by CWolfRu

Eternal Switchhunt of the Spotless Mind by RottKing

50 Shades of Gry by Shadow Hog

The Fours Awaken by Shadow Hog

Frag After Reading by The Green Herring

Free Dredd by Wartorn

Hacx: The Movie 3D by Gothic

HOM Alone by FuzzballFox

Manc on Fire by Shadow Hog

Mathra by esselfortium (color-converted by Shadow Hog)

One Flew Over the Caco's Nest by Shadow Hog

Pitch BLAKWALL by Marcaek

Platoonia by Shadow Hog

Pocky by Shadow Hog

The ROCK5 Horror Picture Show by TheMionicDonut

The Satan Claus by Mechadon

The Skeleton Wars by Gothic (color-converted by Shadow Hog)

A View to a Frag by Marcaek

The Wadfather Part II by Wartorn

Who Maimed Roger Rabbit? by Shadow Hog

Wooo by Shadow Hog

Zandrome by Marcaek
Base: New from scratch
Build time: One day for layouts, like a week for refining, and weeks of waiting.
Editor(s) used: Pretty much all of them.
Bugs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Lists_of_insects
Rating: (22 votes)
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Most of the maps in the split are awful/bland jokemaps, but the main wad is a classic.x
I really love the designs of all the maps, definitely worth the wait.x
Absolutely beautiful set of maps and I about died laughing at the "One Flew Over the Caco's Nest" billboard. I'd love to DM on these beauties some time. Maybe make em prettier with a friend's blood; or mine, whatever ^^ The split was good.x
I'd say it's actually one of the better sessions, probably on par with 11. It just doesn't reach the awesomeness of 13 (and 14). The split is a good idea though.x
One of the weakest 32in24's in a long time. There is still a fair number of decent maps here but thank god the wad was split in half.x
Um it's good duhx

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