Title: Deathmatch Revival: 35 Cross Compatible Maps By The Doom Community
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/megawads/dmr_2014.zip
Size: 2.93 MB
Date: 03/31/14
Author: DG93, Doomkid, & Joe Pallai
Description: Deathmatch Revival (DMR_2014.wad) was started sometime back in March of 2013 by Doomkid92 from the Doomworld forums. Since July of 2013, management position was handed off to Joe Pallai and then to me (DG93) in early December.

The DMR team crafted this 35 level megawad cross compatible with the following Doom 2 source ports: "Zandronum" "Odamex" and "Zdaemon" for the Doom Community.

DMR is like a new age "DWANGO" but branded with a new name by Doomkid92. DMR has many map themes inspired by some of the maps from the DWANGO series. A couple of maps have "Green War" DM themes while a few others are remakes of some of the original Doom 1 & Doom 2 layouts. There are also 2 maps that have the "Gothic99" theme as well. The rest contain original mapping designs.

When hosting a server [DMflags]: Allow players to jump, use freelook, all item and barrel respawn, call votes on map change, and autoaim.

We hope you all enjoy playing our levels!

**Please give us some feedback**
Credits: The Creators of Doombuilder and XWE.

Doomkid92 who started the DMR project. Joe Pallai for taking over management in July of 2013 - 12/6/2013 Myself (Doomguy93) for taking the management position on 12/6/2013

Jason "Jay" R. from http://zorasoft.net/ for some MIDIs

To the DMR team: Doomkid, doomguy93, Joe Pallai, Guardsoul, one_Two, mrthejoshmon, W1D3A55, Bobvorn, Captain Toenail, TheMionicDonut, Lextiic, Omegalore, Inkie, Flame0d, KatZune, joe-ilya, Springy, Phendrena, DataCore, Walter Confalonieri, FireFish, & Mr. Fiat
Base: Some levels made from scratch. A few based on the design elements from Doom 1/Doom 2.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: "Doombuilder" "XWE" "Microsoft Paint"
Bugs: Please notify me via email address or my Doomworld.com forums account "doomguy93" if you spot any game glitches.
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