Title: DWANGO: 21st Anniversary
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/megawads/dwango21.zip
Size: 2.08 MB
Date: 12/31/15
Author: Doomkid, Cpt. Toenail, the_miano, Deathtrap, NoneeLlama, Joe-Ilya, Inkie, BloodyAcid, Fred512, Chris
Description: Happy 21st Anniversary! DWANGO is now officially old enough to buy booze. Due to the popularity of the Dwango 20th anniversary mappack (DWANGO20.wad), I've decided to start up a project with a similar but slightly different vision. Last year, we gave the DM mappers of the 90's the spotlight and focused on a true OS-style, however this year we've switched to focusing on the current community. This is a blend of the old and the new - It breathes fresh blood into map themes and layouts heavily inspired by our old favorites (and is definitely not to be taken too seriously!) After we all worked our butts off, we came to 25 maps. Happy fragging, Doomers!


01- 21st Anniversary - Doomkid 02- Deimos Deathmatch - NoneeLlama & the_miano 03- Death Trap - Deathtrap 04- Splattercourt - Captain Toenail 05- Cat and Mouse - Deathtrap 06- Lockdown - Captain Toenail 07- Base E2 - NoneeLlama 08- Threshold - Cpt. Toenail & Joe-Ilya 09- Killing Spree - Captain Toenail 10- The Devil's Playground - Inkie 11- Circle of Death! - Doomkid 12- Hydromatch - BloodyAcid 13- Bold and Brash - Doomkid 14- Day 2 Die - Captain Toenail 15- Raging Elements - Fred512 16- E1M1 DM - Doomkid 17- Phobos Dungeon - Doomkid 18- The 6th Gate - Ronald 19- Spilling Blood - Deathtrap 20- The Unholy Cathedral - Chris Hansen 21- Canyon Installation - Joe Pallai 22- Wooddeath - Cacowad 23- Dieangle - Peter Kasting 24- Another Bloody Circle - Doomkid 25- Slasher - Doomkid
Credits: Mr. Crispy, Walter Confalonieri, Voltcom9, Springy, Krawa, Fonze, Doomworld, Odamex, Zdaemon, Zandronum, iddqd.ru and everyone else who helped playest or supported this project in some way. Thanks for keeping DM alive!
Base: All new maps
Build time: Late 2014 - 2015
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, Slade, XWE & other various editors
Bugs: Cock roachers
Rating: (16 votes)
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This is a rather fun mappack, I had a lot of fun playing this on multiplayer. Cpt. Toenail did a good job by improvising my prototype layout, good stuff all around.x
I should subtract 5 stars because they're not all map01, but I won't because they're not all map01. Seriously, great maps I've put about 15 hours into FFA on them so far.x
Stop living in the 90's.... Awful.... 0/5 would not play again.... /sarcasm x

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