Title: Velocity CTF X
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/megawads/veloctfx.zip
Size: 7.02 MB
Date: 11/18/12
Author: The Mechanix Union
Description: The expansion of Velocity CTF: 32 maps of high-speed action-packed Capture the Flag maps by various individuals of the Mechanix Union.

Map list: MAP01 - Rotated Infinity by Dusk MAP02 - Crypts of Eternity by Decay MAP03 - and Hell Captured by Dusk MAP04 - Industrial Nukage Mining by Dusk MAP05 - Gun Shy by Kamai MAP06 - Generatrix by Decay MAP07 - Tyr's One-Wheeled Bicycle by HeavenWraith MAP08 - Bleak Outlook by Synert MAP09 - Swap Meet by Shane MAP10 - PACK ATTACK by Dusk MAP11 - Winter Sacrifice by Decay MAP12 - Complex Beta by Decay MAP13 - Stand-Off by Decay MAP14 - Industrial Waste Sewers by Decay MAP15 - The E4-Themed Reject by Kamai MAP16 - Heavy Water by Omegamax MAP17 - Return to the Crypts by Decay MAP18 - Clash of Empires by Shane MAP19 - Alpine Insurrection by Shane / Decay / HeavenWraith MAP20 - DECAY INDUSTRIES by Decay MAP21 - Save the Universe! by Heavenwraith / Dusk MAP22 - Chernobyl's Requiem by Kamai MAP23 - Radial Ruins by Omegamax MAP24 - Remmi's Wrath by Remmirath MAP25 - Mount Idle by Shane MAP26 - Mortal Revulsion by Exl MAP27 - Corrupt Technology by Decay MAP28 - Deathgrind by Dusk MAP29 - Sound Familiar? by Shane MAP30 - Artificial Valley by Heavenwraith / Dusk MAP31 - Charon Orbit by Dusk MAP32 - Complex Delta by Decay

Uses the following music tracks:

MAP01 - Flame Mammoth's theme from Mega Man X, sequenced by Teck MAP02 - "Skedar Mystery" from Perfect Dark, sequenced by Gold Jinjo MAP03 - "Wicked Child" from Castlevania, remix by Jay Reichard MAP04 - "Fear Factory" from Donkey Kong Country, sequenced by Jay Reichard MAP05 - "Names" by Bobby Prince, from Duke Nukem 3D MAP06 - "Conductor" by James Paddock MAP07 - Main theme of Fairy Tail (metal ver.) by Takanashi Yasuharu, sequenced by HeavenWraith MAP08 - "Bleak Outlook" by Synert MAP09 - "Path of Destruction" by Mark Klem (Requiem MAP06) MAP10 - "Strange World" from Mega Man 9, sequenced by Teck MAP11 - "Under a Crimson Moon" by TheGreenHerring (Plutonia 2 MAP12) MAP12 - "Transducer" by James Paddock MAP13 - "The Extreme" by Uematsu Nobuo MAP14 - "Submission" by James Paddock MAP15 - "Storming the Trenches" by Disintegrator MAP16 - "Duff McWhalen's Stage" from Mega Man X5, sequenced by King Meteor MAP17 - "Destiny" by Mark Klem MAP18 - "Sequenz - Dies Irae" from W. A. Mozart's Requiem MAP19 - "Surf City", Battletoads theme, sequenced by The Jade Emperor MAP20 - "Streets of Desolation", from Batman, sequenced by LK*1 MAP21 - "Ankoku no Madoushi" by Takanashi Yasuharu sequenced by Heavenwraith MAP22 - "L's Theme" by Taniuchi Hideki sequenced by Heavenwraith MAP23 - composed by Heavenwraith MAP24 - "Black Inferno" by James Paddock MAP25 - "Fire Field" (echo mix) from F-Zero, sequenced by Jay Reichard MAP26 - "Mourning Palace" by Dimmu Borgir, sequenced by Set Abominae MAP27 - "Raven's Nest" by James Paddock MAP28 - "Fallen" by Symphony X, sequenced by Simone Mularoni MAP29 - "Wolfsong" by Darkhaven3 MAP30 - "Schismogenesis" by Sekito Tsuyoshi sequenced by Heavenwraith MAP31 - "Opening Stage: Axl - 'Conflict'" from Mega Man X7, sequenced by King Meteor MAP32 - Wily Fortress 1/2 theme from Mega Man 2, sequenced by V-King

Title music from "Gate of Thunder Stage 6: Dark Gate" Sequenced by Disintegrator Intermusic: "Hard as Iron" by Judas Priest, sequenced by "Judas Priest Tabs"
Credits: id Software, Odamex, Zandronum, Unidoom, AlexMax, PUN1SHER, NiGHTMARE, Cage, Eriance, esselfortium, Fingers, Fredrik Johansson, Raven Software, Derek Mc'Donald, Jonathan Rimmer, David Gevert, Vader, Pottus, Disintegrator, CEMP, ZDaemon

We apologize to any possible individuals whose resources were used but who were not credited in the above list.
Base: Velocity CTF
Build time: 1 year
Editor(s) used: even more!
Rating: (20 votes)
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