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Freedom Fighters
6 deathmatch\FFA maps, with a strong classic felling, caves\earthbase themed If this wad will have a positive feedback there will be a sequel, if not i'll stop to made DM maps and i'll began to grow potatoes or something similar^0^...Date:12/27/07
Size:840.81 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

The Parthenon
As the name implies, this Doombot CTF map is based upon the ancient building of the Greeks....Date:06/10/00
Size:90.14 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Size:94.48 KB

Precious Snowflake
This is a smooth, fast, rampy, multi-level DM pit for 2 to 4. It makes heavy use of slopes and 3D floors. No BFG, no chainsaw. All other weapons are included. As stated elsewhere this map requires ZDoom or GZDoom and while this map might run on ...Date:12/12/16
Size:53.64 KB
Author:El Tupi

A great looking level, really fun to play it with friends. I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:90.39 KB

A symmetrical deathmatch level for Doom 2....Date:09/14/17
Size:48.7 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (Pcorf)

Post Mortem Experiment (pme.wad)
This is a zDoom deathmatch map pack featuring three levels by me (deadnail) and three levels by Dashiva. All of the levels are explicitly fun to play and have a module soundtrack....Date:06/03/01
Size:2.19 MB
Author:deadnail & Dashiva

Hello all my dooming friends! I'm here to release a map I've created recently, Point of Contention. There are five spawns - Two start with the chaingun and three with the shogun. There is a central SSG that is equidistant from each spawn. There is al...Date:09/23/15
Size:135.93 KB

Pot City
Doom II deathmatch wad taking place in a strange hellish base sort of thing... This began as an experiment of the mind and it's ability to conjure up alternate realities and such. I sat for an entire day smoking myself euphoric and editing levels, an...Date:02/05/02
Size:102.07 KB
Author:Brendt Pantley a.k.a. Megalyth

Power Plant Deathmatch
This wad got its inspiration from the power plant in Total Recall. Try to remember that it is only inspired by it, not designed to look exactly like it. There are 8 Deathmatch starts, no monsters since this is NOT a single player map although you can...Date:04/22/03
Size:468.71 KB
Author:Bob Larkin (a.k.a. Sematary) (a.k.a. Brad_tilf)

Fury of Procyon
Sister to freon.wad and was meant to be in The same style. Medium sized DM, good with 3 players, but 2 is sort of a hunt. Demo1: Vorpal vs. Silent_Stalker 15minutes zdoom 1.22 Real slow at the beginning ;) Demo2: Ion_Blade vs. Bots 5minutes zdoom...Date:05/13/00
Size:320.8 KB
Author:Brad Spencer

Size:168.89 KB
Author:TaxMaN (Pichusoft)

Size:205.12 KB
Author:TaxMaN (Pichusoft)

My dog, he craps when he dies...then vanishes....Date:03/24/08
Size:148.97 KB

The premise was simple, create a 6 level wad file of 3d floor deathmatch goodness for Doom Legacy, which, btw has FULL client server support.. okay, so as it stands the CS support is buggy, but it is very servicable and I must say that play testing...Date:02/01/01
Size:258.84 KB
Author:Dream Destroyer

15 tested and finely tuned maps for duel. Uses stock Doom 2 textures for a clean old school style. Hard difficulty includes BFG....Date:11/18/17
Size:714.65 KB

= Q
Size:13.77 KB
Author:= QCommand

Quake1 Base Deathmatch
A dark brown metal deathmatch base that takes place in an artic mountain scenario....Date:06/25/05
Size:1.36 MB
Author:The Solution

Inside you will find 6 of the most famous Quake 3 CTF maps, converted to DOOM !! map01- Future Crossings by Scancode map02- Infinity by cityy map03- Ironworks by Method map04- Stonekeep by SyncError map05- Pillbox by SyncError map06- Japanese Cast...Date:09/09/17
Size:7.13 MB

Q3 - Tier 1
Obviously, a conversion of Q3's first tier except for one level, which makes 3 levels. I must apologise for the maps not having exits and having to idclev about. The first map was made ages ago in Wad Author (it shows) and the other two - recently in...Date:02/26/04
Size:60.05 KB
Author:Todor "Curunir" Pichurov

Quaked Deathmatch
Quaked Deathmatch is a deathmatch-only project for gzdoom sourceport, designed in Quake/Unreal style but with own ideas, to give you a few hours of fun. most needed commandline options: -file .. - files to be used ingame. For examp...Date:11/28/09
Size:9.28 MB
Author:Conrad RDWS

A great looking deathmatch level, really fun to play it with friends! I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:310.2 KB

Rage CTF
19 furious CTF maps Map list: Map01 - Slave Machinery by Decay/Grymmoire Map02 - Penguin the Jugulator by Heavenwraith Map03 - Violence Insignia by Heavenwraith Map04 - Sanctum by Drek Map05 - Nukage Mining II by Dusk Map06 - C...Date:11/03/14
Size:7.85 MB
Author:Mechanix Union

Rage DM
Seven...errr....five levels of all out metal, anti-gothic, techno deathmatch levels for intense, but not tedious, fragfesting. A detailed description of each level can be found later in this text file...Date:04/03/99
Size:449.29 KB
Author:Mike Tawney: Levels, some sounds, status bar, other gfx. James Joplin: ZDoom features, MOD music, so

Red Christmas 2000
Chrismas comes but once a year. And what would be a more fitting way to celebrate the holidays then running through dank hallways with a double barrel shotgun? This is a four player deathmatch map for the Zdoom port. A sequil to the previous RC reles...Date:11/09/00
Size:128.19 KB
Author:Ed Cripps

Red Christmas 2001
Size:677.29 KB
Author:Ed Cripps

Random Chaos Duel Collab - Rivalries
A small collaberation of maps by a few members of the Random Chaos doom clan. Unlike our previous singleplayer collaberation, this one is intended for one-on-one fragfests....Date:07/20/11
Size:8.84 MB
Author:Members of <+RC+>

These bots play this pretty well. You will have to be on your toes to beat them....Date:05/18/01
Size:115.38 KB
Author:Richard Clark

Industrial Mayhem
Be sure to use the node file on this one....Date:05/20/01
Size:614.84 KB
Author:Richard Clark

RedemptioN DM
This is my first wad, There are 5 FFA maps for DooM 2....Date:12/22/08
Size:1.54 MB

This Wad is one of my best Wads! A great looking level, really fun to play it with friends. I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:31.92 KB

Really Freaking Fast Mapping CTF
A random CTF map made to be played in Odamex with. Proved to be fabulous for 2v2 games....Date:07/29/10
Size:29.25 KB
Author:Jon 40oz Vail

Rikuo / Aulbath Skin
he's a merman hes insane he's from darkstalkers did i mention he is gay??????...Date:05/17/06
Size:208.87 KB

Terminator Series: Rocket Arenas
Tiny maps with rocket launchers and plenty of ammo. Have fun. Oh yeah, and i am aware there is urocket2.wad mod already....Date:08/20/04
Size:270.03 KB
Author:Robert "Zalewa" Zalewski

Gothic style DM weapons MOD...Date:08/31/99
Size:1.24 MB
Author:Marc A. Pullen [FANATIC]

ROKS Rocket Arena 1
This is an in-your-face ROKS RA map. Expect a high frag count and gibs galore. You can play it with Doombots, but they don't start with the rocket launcher so I put a few launchers out mainly for them to pick up....Date:01/31/99
Size:24.91 KB
Author:Rick Clark

ROKS Rocket Arena 2
You want gibs, you got 'em. This is a three-ring circus of stone, wood and guts. This may be a bit slow on older computers....Date:02/13/99
Size:18.76 KB
Author:Rick Clark

ROKS "Reach Out and Kill Someone"
NEW BREED MAP03 converted to ROKS format...Date:01/27/99
Size:34.51 KB
Author:Marc A. Pullen [FANATIC]

Enhancement to ROKS, faster rockets, more damage, more max rocket ammo, 150 starting health, and start with a rocket launcher (no other weapons)...Date:01/30/99
Size:5.09 KB
Author:Marc A. Pullen [FANATIC]

Rise of the Scorned
A 16 player DM Levle for online Doom Multiplayer...Date:11/11/07
Size:111.4 KB
Author:Andy Leaver

The Brotherhood of Ruin Deathmatch
Deathmatch level preview of partial conversion The Brotherhood of Ruin....Date:07/30/15
Size:223.7 KB
Author:Kristian Aro

Dreary to behold, this enemy military base is small, but provides large amounts of battles in rapid frequencies. Beware if you enter this lethal place, for one miscalculation or one missed shot could become the cause of your death. Strong execut...Date:01/08/22
Size:59.41 KB

Death and corruption of what is natural and pure; A location where few human souls dare to set foot; A land where the arcane merges with technology: Welcome to a place that challenges those entering it. Reviver_Series_Death_Match_2(RvrSsDM2) is ...Date:02/04/22
Size:59.21 KB

What your eyes see is not easily believed, for this a domain that defies humanity's perception of reality. Technology exists here that appears to be magic; Symbols alien to you adorn your surroundings; Death and destruction have left behind their clu...Date:03/09/22
Size:80.04 KB
Author:MAY use the contents of this file as a base for

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