Title: Quake III CTF
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/p-r/q3ctf.zip
Size: 7.13 MB
Date: 09/09/17
Author: Rude
Description: Inside you will find 6 of the most famous Quake 3 CTF maps, converted to DOOM !!

map01- Future Crossings by Scancode map02- Infinity by cityy map03- Ironworks by Method map04- Stonekeep by SyncError map05- Pillbox by SyncError map06- Japanese Castles by g1zm0

Finished using slade, doombuilder 2 , and GTKradiant. Dimensions are transcribed exactly. Of course there is SOME minor modding. Mostly varying floor HEIGHTS to fit the doom experience. Infinity is an example with no height modification.

mapping in GTKradiant is extremely hard! Huge shout out to those dedicated to mapping for the idtech 3 engine. The guys that made these maps are heroes of the craft!

Fun fact: cityy and g1zm0's maps (Infinity/Jap Castles) were bought by id software.

This wad is dedicated to all the people that know the difference between an FPS and an AFPS.
Credits: Evolution, Ralphis, X-Ray, JumPo, UberGewei, and all those who helped test
Build time: 300 hours
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder 2, GTKradiant, slade 3
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