Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/p-r/rl2013.zip
Size: 6.9 MB
Date: 12/14/13
Author: Michael M. "DG93" (AKA: Doomguy93)
Description: This is RELENTLESS.wad, a medieval style Doom 2 Deathmatch wad. It is specifically designed for deathmatching.

Within these levels, you are fighting in multiple rooms in a gothic castle. It is beautifully designed reminiscent of the amazing architecture from Gothic99.wad.

Some textures from Blood.wad are used in this wad (seen in level 4).

As of 11/8/2013 it contains 4 completed levels.

Some sprites and sounds have been altered. Fist sprites from Hexen have been modified in this WAD.

The sound of the monster spawner: "To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero!" has been replaced with "Greetings Mortal, are you ready to die?"

So expect to hear that in every level, because it sounds perfect for deathmatching.

Screens (HELP, TITLE, INTERMISSIONS, & CREDIT) have all been replaced.

This WAD also contains a dehacked file from Doomkid's Revenge of the 90's.wad. This dehack allows for a faster machine pistol and a faster chaingun (around .5 speed faster). The chainsaw item pick up/switch weapon speed is a bit slower.

The recoil on the pistol has been significantly modified. You will notice that the gun sprites don't bob up/down when you fire the pistol.

**Please give me some feedback**
Credits: Ok so besides myself for customizing a few sounds/sprites/creating 3 levels from scratch, I would like to thank the following people for helping me construct this WAD:

-The Creators of Doombuilder and XWE.

-Doomkid for some of the gun sounds and sprites.

-The creators of Gothic99.wad for textures and inspiration for making this wad.

-The creators of Blood.wad for some textures, sprites and level 4.

-Some dude from doomworld.com by the name of "Grim" for the really awesome black glove sprites.

-Jason "Jay" R. from http://zorasoft.net/ for the cool Quake II MIDI files.

-ID Software for the Doom/Quake series.

-Trent Reznor for making the Quake 1 theme.
Base: levels made by me from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: "Doombuilder" "XWE" "Microsoft Paint"
Bugs: I checked/ tested it out many times and noticed no major bugs, nothing fucked up etc... Please notify me via email address or my Doomworld.com forums account "doomguy93" if you spot any game glitches.
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Quality DM levels, nice work!x
Fun DM maps by DG here! -Doomkidx
Such a fun deathmatch wad. Solid gameplay 5/5x
A great mixture of detail and gameplay, a must have for all deathmatchers.x
Pretty good DM wad. It is somewhat like gothic99, but with less extraneous detailing. The Quake MIDIs were awesome too! :Dx

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