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Sector X-9: Silo Control
I forgot about this level for the 3rd time, until now ;) This was made during July or August so it has some at.wad influences. Fairly good sized level made for DM. 2 players might have minor hunting, and 3 gets real doom style. Several stolen tex...Date:01/01/01
Size:656.72 KB
Author:Brad "Vorpal" Spencer

Black Sunset (Map #1 of sayron.wad, wad pack never to be released)
A Control Station located in Area 6 of a military complex. This lvl was NOT created to be an insane fragfest, but with 3+ people it can be. I tried to make this lvl very realistic and I spent many moons fixing bad offsets. The name "Sayron.wad" origi...Date:08/06/99
Size:148.64 KB
Author:Robert Babor (Aka Shadow, Anomaly, The Rocket Guru)

Sacred Ruins
Size:171.8 KB
Author:Lee "DooMAD" Wallis

Somewhat Simple
Ah Doom2 Map 7. My favorite Doom2 map to DM on. After DMing on a DWANGO version of this map and then listening to the Kinkiness remix of this song, I decided to make my own version of the map ripe for DM. I figured since I hadn't touched the sloping ...Date:05/13/04
Size:40.29 KB
Author:Sgt Crispy

Sort of hi-tec looking, mostly original or modified textures, some new lamp sprites. Lots of 3D and deep water...Date:08/22/02
Size:352.05 KB
Author:Mystic (Andrew Mckie)

Sewer Terminal
Sewer Terminal is a small, fun deathmatch map set in a waste treatment type of facility. Fun for the whole family, I suppose!...Date:12/14/03
Size:72.85 KB
Author:Agent Spork

Sleight of Hand
This DM map is not what it appears. :) Just because you can see into the next room does not necessarily mean you can get there from here. The fire is the portal to where you want to be. And yes, you can get to all rooms. You just have to find the way...Date:07/11/99
Size:53.79 KB
Author:Rick Clark

A hell themed level for good deathmatching fun....Date:03/13/04
Size:266.24 KB
Author:Michael T. Cole(ShadowRunner)

Shadow Pit
A simple, octagon shaped deathmatch level with a pit in the center....Date:07/31/04
Size:95.04 KB
Author:Brandon "exp(x)" Del Bel

Shadow Pit 2
Almost 3 years in the making, this is the long anticipated sequel to the legendary Shadow Pit....Date:06/23/07
Size:181.11 KB
Author:Brandon "exp(x)" Del Bel

The Shipping Quadrant
Ok, I usually put terry wads on the archive, but I felt like treating you all to a little deathmatch level I made. It uses Skulltag weapons and textures....Date:04/17/14
Size:29.3 KB

Another Shitty Deathmatch map
As i have been playing doom deathmatch recently on my dialup thought i should make a deathmatch map myself also . Here are the fruits of my labour...Date:07/27/16
Size:8.86 KB

Extremely huge with kick-ass detail and exceptional quality. This level is going to blow you away....Date:11/25/98
Size:639.63 KB
Author:piXel reX (Qingshuo Wang)

A game of soccer, played with a neon zombieman. It's meant for two. I couldn't be assed to make a proper team-selection system so just pick a color, have a coke and a smile, and shut the fuck up....Date:08/14/10
Size:476.9 KB

Skirmish One-on-One Duel
A project that has been in work for quite a long time now, but now comes to its finishing point. This pack contains twenty new maps testing a player's skill and brainplay. With varying skill curves, layouts, themes (some themes or layouts may seem a ...Date:07/17/15
Size:2.15 MB
Author:Argent Agent [A.K.A. Zakurum]

Slanted Deathmatch
A really nice DM map I threw together in about 2 days. This is my first ever map release to the public.. But I've beene editing Doom(2) for about 3 years....Date:12/15/00
Size:36.2 KB
Author:Brandon Motley (Infirmity)

SCI-FI Series of deathmatch wads....Date:04/11/01
Size:759.28 KB
Author:Andrew Mckie

Slaughter DM is 9 levels of DM for BOOM and compabible source ports....Date:01/01/00
Size:2.11 MB
Author:The SlaughterDM Team (full credits below)

When the Sleeper Wakes
A high tech deathmatch level....Date:06/04/02
Size:205.93 KB
Author:Alastair Montgomery

Slipgate Complex
This is a base style deathmatch map for Doom 2. The only thing from Quake is a layout. Based on Quake 1 atmosphere. Best for 4-10 players. BOOM and Old DM friendly. Random thing, DM start and weapon placement. Standard tech graphic....Date:03/10/99
Size:33.23 KB
Author:Arkadiy Nikolaev

The Smashing Deathmatch Wad
3 small DM levels for Doom...Date:10/26/04
Size:197.43 KB

ShizzMasteR's Doom Deathmatch #1
Size:9.09 MB
Author:Evan Holt, AKA ShizzMasteR.

Just a single deathmatch level. medium sized....Date:04/09/04
Size:89.03 KB
Author:Danny Melnyk a.k.a Smelnick

Sniper of Insanity!
This is a complete weapon conversion that changes many weapons into sniper-like ones, most specifically the sniper rifle and railgun. The behavior has been altered quite a bit, and most guns are not at all similar to their doom equivalents. For examp...Date:09/22/03
Size:337.86 KB

This Wad is one of my best Wads! A great looking level, really fun to play it with friends. I hope you like & enjoy it!...Date:03/26/14
Size:78.18 KB

Some DM 1
A regular old DM map for you to play. No port specific enhancements, though I can't seem to run it with doom2.exe, so you should use at least Boom. The map is meant to run well with the ZCajun bot (in ZDoomtest) and it does it's job pretty well. I al...Date:08/16/99
Size:103.15 KB

Shape Of Things To Come
HiTech DM Wad...Date:04/20/02
Size:158.03 KB
Author:Alastair Montgomery

Agent Spork's Tech Plant DeathMatch
A small Tech style DeathMatch map for ZDoom 1.23 or higher. This is my first attemt at making a ZDoom map....Date:03/08/03
Size:2.45 MB
Author:Agent Spork

Quad Arena
This is an old Deathmatch map I made for Legacy in 2002, and is the third map I ever released to the public. I've decided to upload it to the IDGames Archive for.. well.. archiving purposes. I don't have much to say about this old map of mine besides...Date:01/19/05
Size:526.26 KB
Author:Agent Spork

The Square Base
A DeathMatch level. Go get random powerups, and: as many as you like...Date:07/29/01
Size:65.46 KB
Author:Jan "Hirogen2" Engelhardt

Size:1.16 MB

Size:1.6 MB

Stxy Deathmatch Compilation
This a compilation of Richard Jaspars 'Styx' excellent Styx Deathmatch Series. I've changed nothing in the levels themselves (except rename them sequentialy). I added a mapinfo.lmp to the combined wad to keep the music and skies as Richard originally...Date:07/16/05
Size:199.47 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars 'Styx'

Suck a Sage
My first original Legacy map. Although original, it was inspired by "Suck a Sage" which is a piece of music from Guilty Gear X....Date:06/07/02
Size:56.31 KB

Sullen Death Match
The battle ground this time is a techno-temple the demons created. During this night, the sanctuary is empty. The demons appear to have taken interest in the supplies, equipment, and weapons their enemies use. . . . It is a dark and starry night sk...Date:08/08/21
Size:29.65 KB

Somewhat Simple Extra Crispy version
This a new/final/fix version of my Somewhat Simple DM map I made a few months ago. I added some more slopes, skybox, title pic, blah blah blah. Replace the old version with this one....Date:11/04/04
Size:77.28 KB

The Last Strike Deathmatch 2003 Edition Demo
A small demo with 4 maps as a teaser for the coming soon TLSDM2K3.WAD to a doomworld near you......Date:03/11/03
Size:1.2 MB
Author:Gothy, Jackass, Avatar, and Chrono

T3k or Towers 3000
Large Downtown setting most buildings accessable, using legacy 3d floors and water. Deathmatch only ! If you like Deathmatch this one will be one of your favorites....Date:12/22/06
Size:113.68 KB

Tanis Base
Is a very detailed Deathmatch map, using textures from Various places. You are in an Antartic Base....Date:11/03/03
Size:590.2 KB
Author:Rodrigo Acevedo

Tech Base 1
Simple, fast, tight....Date:12/13/98
Size:20.46 KB
Author:Dan Leslie (KillmeBoy)

td_DM1 "Simple DM"
Simple dm map for 2-4 players....Date:09/01/10
Size:37.39 KB
Author:Travers Dunne

Taste for Blood
Size:244.16 KB
Author:Edddddd (Edward Mullins)

TGRDM1, is a large Deathmatch map set. This file is the first public release that I have ever done. Version 1.00: 21 February. 2006 Original release Version 1.01: 26 April. 2008 Fixed all bad vertices Unversioned Updates: 23 November. 2012 Rena...Date:08/07/15
Size:581.95 KB
Author:Nicholas "Tiger" Gautier

TGRDM2 contains ten small Deathmatch maps. Version 1.00: 1 May. 2006 Original release Version 1.01: 30 April. 2008 Fixed Misalignment Textures Fixed "BOTNAME" bug in Skulltag 97x Series Minor map changes Unversioned Updates: 23 November. 2012 T...Date:06/22/06
Size:377.15 KB
Author:Nicholas "Tiger" Gautier

Single map wad made primarily for duels. Inspired by essay driven insanity. Map list: MAP01 - Thesis by Decay Uses the following music track: "Black Inferno" by James "Jimmy91" Paddock...Date:05/16/13
Size:106.26 KB
Author:The Mechanix Union

A LARGE map ment for team DM or FFA with about 10 ppl...Date:10/03/03
Size:802.69 KB

Titty Milk
Up until I hit the age of 14, my mom slid me a warm, microwaved glass of titty milk on the regular to make me a strong boy. We kept it as our healthy little secret. I sipped on it in the morning before school, in the afternoon after school, and in th...Date:01/18/13
Size:66.54 KB

The Last Strike Deathmatch 2003 Edition (fixed and now with wangotag)
The 2003 edition of the Tlsdm series with fixes and wangotag maps...Date:11/03/03
Size:2.74 MB
Author:Gothy, Jackass, and Chrono

The Last Strike Deathmatch 2004 Edition
The 2004 edition of the Tlsdm series...Date:01/01/04
Size:3.27 MB
Author:Sazabi, Jackass, ATG_Death, and Chrono

The Last Strike Deathmatch 2003 Edition
The 2003 edition of the Tlsdm series...Date:03/23/03
Size:1.91 MB
Author:Gothy, Jackass, and Chrono

The Last Strike Deathmatch Gold Legacy Edition
The most intense deathmatch wad you will ever play! So much quality you would scream with joy......Date:12/07/02
Size:1.63 MB
Author:The Clan DFC editing team

The Last Strike Extreme CTF
The first edition of the Tlsxctf series...Date:08/12/04
Size:8.97 MB
Author:Sazabi, Jackass, and Chrono

Not just another brick-and-metal DM, this level has character!...Date:05/19/01
Size:490.88 KB

Slime Pit
Ultra-vertical map with very few of the power weapons. Thus armour and resource control are the key to success. Running in OpenGL is almost a necessity, since the y-shearing in software will put you at a huge disadvantage through not being able to ...Date:08/28/04
Size:492.33 KB

Toxic Pit
Size:177.4 KB
Author:Lee "DooMAD" Wallis

The Toxin Refinery
This is my first ZDoom map. I tried to use some of the cool ZDoom features in this map. I also tried a different DM method. Let me know if it works or not....Date:03/05/99
Size:60.93 KB
Author:Rick Clark

Trench (Deathmatch)
trench.wad, a deathmatch map for GZDoom UDMF, based on trench warfare....Date:03/11/23
Size:40.56 KB

Three-in-One DeathMatch for Everyone
MAP03 - The inside is dark to provide a mystery effect and have a hard time to get a good kill yet there is light amplification goggles hidden in the area while the outside provides some duck and cover aspects. MAP04 - Everything in this map basica...Date:11/05/15
Size:68.83 KB

Turrents CTF
This is my first CTF map. It's kind of an experimental idea: You have 2 teams and 2 sets of turrents. Each team has their own set of turrents here. Using the turrents wisely is a good idea on this map. This map as a strong emphasis on defense. Try ...Date:07/30/05
Size:119.95 KB
Author:Jules "julz_D" Spindler

Terror's Wing
Deathmatch only level. Supposed to be a floating arena in space or something. Nothing incredible... I made this to celebrate a friends' birthday (Happy Birthday Alex!)...Date:08/21/00
Size:757.01 KB
Author:Brad "Vorpal" Spencer

UAC Capture The Flag MAP01 (more in the pipeline)
Doom Map for CTFDoom v0.75 and up...Date:05/16/98
Size:64.53 KB
Author:Sam Richardson (BrainChld)

UAC Main Arena
Some guy in ZDaemon encouraged me to release MAP01 from shinffa as a standalone map. So, here it is :) Pleae, read carefully the info on the skill levels!...Date:10/10/08
Size:199.3 KB

A fairly large-sized deathmatch map; Subterranean theme...Date:04/12/05
Size:117.9 KB

Undying Revised
This is a small dm map, a revised version of undying and i have completely changed all aspects of this map,...Date:04/25/03
Size:23 KB
Author:Daniel Carroll

Utramodern Combat 1
The first map by me. No. 1 in a series of deathmatch maps. Office Complex is an office-themed map with shotgun, super shotgun, and chaingun....Date:05/03/06
Size:107.03 KB

Ultramodern Combat 2
2nd in the UMC series. Mountain Keep is a fort- like area high up in the mountains; be careful so that you don't fall off! Includes umc1. *UMC Revisions* The dehacked limits are now restored to normal Doom II values (health, ammo, armor, and weapon s...Date:05/18/06
Size:193.59 KB

Ultramodern Combat 3
3rd in the UMC series. Floating Domain requires players to be agile if they want to traverse smoothly across the map. Includes umc2.wad *UMC Revisions* Removed floating pointers for items; added backpacks, plasma gun and energy cells; & a harmless Pa...Date:08/03/06
Size:200.72 KB

Underrated Angel v1.1
Second wad uploaded: drop me a line if you liked it. "A small tech Deathmatch wad that should work nice with around six players. Itīs divided into two small complexes tied together to a central area and an underground sewer system. All weapons are ...Date:07/06/05
Size:181.84 KB
Author:Danimetal (A.k.a The Marlboro Man).

Welcome to the Undercourt, a single deathmatch level with a gothic aesthetic and an even darker sense of humor. This map aims to balance the looping flow of deathmatch with the feel of the trap-heavy levels from DOOM II. There's plenty of room for fr...Date:09/26/22
Size:65.85 KB

A Small Deathmatch with 3Dfloors and secret hiding places, ideal for 4 players...Date:04/08/03
Size:11.34 KB
Author:Daniel "Doomer34" Carroll

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