Title: Somewhat Simple Extra Crispy version
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/s-u/sws_ecv.zip
Size: 77.28 KB
Date: 11/04/04
Author: SgtCrispy
Description: This a new/final/fix version of my Somewhat Simple DM map I made a few months ago. I added some more slopes, skybox, title pic, blah blah blah.

Replace the old version with this one.
Credits: id software, CodeImp, boris (wadsinprogress)
Base: New map inspired by Doom2 Map07
Build time: A few hours over a couple days, plus about 3 hours to spiff it up.
Editor(s) used: PSP 8.1, Doom Builder, XWE, and WinTex 4.3
Bugs: No doubt some texture misalighnment, but it should be ok. Soem Typoes... heh
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