Title: Ultramodern Combat 3
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/s-u/umc3.zip
Size: 200.72 KB
Date: 08/03/06
Author: DeumReaper
Description: 3rd in the UMC series. Floating Domain requires players to be agile if they want to traverse smoothly across the map. Includes umc2.wad *UMC Revisions* Removed floating pointers for items; added backpacks, plasma gun and energy cells; & a harmless Pain Elemental. :)
Credits: id Software for Doom II, Raider for Zdaemon
Base: umc2.wad
Build time: ~2 months
Editor(s) used: DeePSea, Wintex, XWE, WhackEd
Bugs: The Pain Elemental in MAP03, when killed, may release 2 Lost Souls.
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