Title: ZDaemon CTF
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/v-z/zdctfmp.zip
Size: 1000.38 KB
Date: 03/23/04
Author: AlexMax, Ralphis, Exl, Washu, Bloodlust, ATG_Death, Rellik
Description: A set of ten maps for ZDaemon Capture the Flag
Credits: _Raider_, Kilgore, duke4ever Without you three, CTF in ZDaemon would not exist. Thank you so much. NiGHTMARE Textures. Erik_A For being a cool guy. I suggest playing his megawad, SCYTHE.WAD, it's an excillent piece of work. The ZDCTFMP Beta Testers Holy crap, you guys are fantastic
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