Title: The ZODIAC Deathmatch
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/v-z/zodiacdm.zip
Size: 562.34 KB
Date: 05/17/04
Author: Milian Moritz
Description: zodiacdm.wad is a series of 12 maps. They are for Deathmatch only and need ZDoom for some special effects. Each map is dedicated to one zodiac sign. I tried to make visible the element (fire, water, earth or air) each sign belongs to. And by the way, have a look on the automap from time to time...

I know that monsters are unusual in deathmatch maps. But one map (no. 10 - capricorn) has two monsters in it to make things more interesting (it's the christmas map :-) )... but they are easy and it's fun to kill them. They shouldn't bother you, so let them respawn! Some other maps contain deadly traps. Be careful!

And while you're waiting for other players to come, you may search for the easter eggs I put into some of the maps. Those maps are dedicated to DM-friends at Zdaemon.
Credits: Martin Meyer for the lovely sprites in Map 10. Frau Loewenherz (whoever she is) whose zodiac sign images I found somewhere on the net. You will find one of them in every map. B.P.R.D., the guy who made grove.wad, from which I took the tree sprites of Map 06. Danhen and others for testing live on ZDaemon.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: 4 months
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder
Bugs: None
Rating: (3 votes)
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the 1st lvl is the only one that works and it has nothing in itx
its goodx
There are no player 1 starts so it's impossible to even look at the levels. The levels are okay, but the exit triggers are sometimes in awkward places. ***x

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