Title: A1 Stud Muffin's SPACE
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/a1-space.zip
Size: 233.36 KB
Date: 01/09/96
Author: A1 Stud Muffin
Description: A1-SPACE.WAD is a huge abandoned space-ship, with four major levels, all connected by a central elevator. Each level contains large areas, filled with various hazards, objects and weapons. The best bit: All the rooms etc. are connected by futuristic looking tunnels [a la ALIENS, but better graphics :)...] This WAD is designed for deathmatch... and SCARY deathmatch at that. For more atmosphere, read the background story.
Credits: Legend Entertainment Company [for the original title picture. See Copyright/Permissions for more information]
Base: A big blank DDT screen. :(
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DDT 1.0, IDBSP 1.2, NWT 1.3
Bugs: None. :) NONE I TELL YOU!! [god I LOVE saying that]
Rating: (3 votes)
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This was a 1996 DM wad that was definitely ahead of its time. By that, I mean in detail and textures; not gameplay. Playing deathmatch with these maps are no fun, as they are simply a series of corridors and elevators, with gimmicky things in each level. Other than the technology behind this wad, there's really no reason to play it. 2/5x
Wow man, talk about ahed of it's time. If you'd told me this was made yesterday, I'd believe you - This feels like it should have been made into an SP or coop map rather than deathmatch, but even so this gets a 5 for being so 'modern' when it's actually so old.x

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