Title: Addictive Deathmatch Series for Doom ][, parts 1-8
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/addictiv.zip
Size: 547.67 KB
Date: 10/06/96
Author: Iikka "Fingers" Keränen
Description: Kill your friends, laughing sadistically on their hopeless efforts when they try to escape you. Oh, almost forgot: These places look good, too!

There's three demos we recorded after 4am, when the fragfest had been going on for 8 hours or so... There's some misreacting, but who cares? :)

All you guys who read this online in the net: this is the best looking deathmatch wad you'll ever find there. I used plenty of cool 3-d effects which make these levels look more like Quake than ordinary Doom2 levels...

Yes, I HAVE Quake. Uh, well, I think some of these levels are more detailed than Quake levels, so they don't look too much like Quake after all. :)
Credits: ID (Doom2)
Matthew Ayres (Waded)
Colin Reed (BSP)
Somebody who designed DETH TiC (What "why"? A reason is OPTIONAL)
Chris Thornton (Requiem! Requiem!)
Adelusion (the other author of Dystopia 3)
Base: New levels from scratch
Musics from Ultimate Doom
Build time: 2-6 hours per level.
Editor(s) used: Waded 1.83beta
DETH for texture aligning :)
Bugs: Nope. Or.. well, you can see the sky flickering in one place in the 5th level... you'll hardly ever go there, though. I couldn't fix this without reducing details which make the level so good...
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Once voted greatest mapper of all time, Iikka has a talent for architecture and although I have no idea how well these play in a deathmatch, it's a joy just to wander around looking at them - it's no surprise that he went on to work in the game industry, contributing to games such as Half Life 2. Most of the levels consist of fortress/castle structures, and they're very reminiscent of the two levels (MAP06,27) that he later contributed to GothicDM - which might be seen as a perfection of this style.x
Great wad. - Smack Danielsx
Impressive architecture.x
I'm surprised this wad had no reviews considering who made it. Anyway, these are some of the best-looking levels I've seen from 1996(!), but most of them just don't flow that well in deathmatch. You might disagree though, so try it out. 4/5x

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