Title: ALLSKILL.WAD (All Skills Required Deathmatch)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/allskill.zip
Size: 54.9 KB
Date: 10/29/04
Author: The Immortal
Description: This level was designed for a good deathmatch game where you can expirence fragging more often than just once in a while. I added a few monsters incase you would like to play Deathmatch w/monsters on skill 5 so they would respawn (for a lil' twist) The rest of the wad is explainatory and easy so you should find yourself fimular with that wad on your first time.
Credits: Special thanks goes to John Romero for making the best game on the face of the earth! Yep, i can't get enuph of it! Also IVS for bringing out the best doom/heretic/misc multi-player interface ever created! (Death to all Multi's) This WAD was created for all the people on DWANGO!
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