Title: Amadeus II
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/amadeus2.zip
Size: 26.54 KB
Date: 10/30/04
Author: Paul Johnson - Aka: Dr. Doom (Sysop Of DOOMania! BBS)
Description: This Is Simply a REMAKE Of AMADEUS.WAD With Some Major changes In Location's, And Amounts of Ammo Health, And Monsters. This WAD File is DEATHMATCH Specific, However just for the Hell of it, I threw In Coop Start Points. (I have No Idea Why?!?)
Credits: Mark Klem For Editing A Cool Version Of DEU To Actually allow changing of the Floor Textures, and Ceiling Textures. id Software for Bringing us Doom in the first place. ALL The loyal users of DOOMania! BBS. You guys Are great! And ALL The DOOMer's out there that play this WAD. That's why I do it. hehe
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